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so because im a pumper instead of paying $60 a case, i have to pay $100+ a case?

not gonna happen.

i'd go buy my own field (i did a year ago....)
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Originally Posted by Patar View Post
Frankly, that's what I'm trying to avoid. Even in everyday life, I'm not going out of my way to feed the system and the economy. I don't splurge on nikes and fancy name brand commodities, I'm not going out finding the biggest brightest 4-D TV with special mind-powered remote controls, I'm not saving up to buy a mercedes...

and when it comes to paintball, I'm not gunna spend 1,000 bucks on an ego, hundreds on little plastic balls of water-based paint, hundreds on pants that are no different than the previous year's except for the zippers on the pockets.

I'm impressed by stuff like MCB. I'm impressed by the little bubbles of true stock class players. I'm impressed by outlaw fields like FreeEnterprise's Trails of Doom... that stuffs sweet. That's paintball the way it should be yknow. I like the smaller fields because they're faster paced, more eliminations, more games, more firefights. But that's the "arena" feel. That's what is most accessible to your general person looking to get into a sport.

I think that arena feel just snowballed, paintball got super competitive and sportsy. Paintball at it's most mainstream level is no different than any other sport. But that's the downside! I play paintball like I play other sports and games to HAVE FUN and get outside and do something. I don't play to get on a pro team and make money and get sponsored. I don't play to see what company is mass producing the most crap. The companies driving paintball are pushing to advertise it like it should be on espn, like there should be giant paintball coliseums and they should be sold out and fans should be shelling out their money for their favorite teams merchandise.

To some people that might be awesome, but that's not my thing. I don't have a problem with not supporting that.

I am glad you posted this. I have never played pump, but would like to try both for the skill difference and the wallet savings! I just recently bought a mech gun to try and shoot less paint. I'm not against a nice electro, but a little variety is nice. I have a thread about looking for a pump game in CT, it's winter now though, so maybe next time. I'm just not impressed with getting someone out with 15+ BPS.... I think one of the best things about paintball is the variety of play styles, from both the fields (woodsball, hyper, spool, speed) to the gun types (mech, electro, pump).. I just wish people would see AND appreciate all of the options.
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Oh, definitely. I think the smaller speedball fields with fast shooting markers are fun in their unique way. Shutting down lanes and really paying attention to lines of sight are really interesting things about playing, but the whole paintball-hose aspect of it just doesn't click with me.

I appreciate all play styles, I guess. I just don't appreciate seeing paintball become so commercialized because of it. Paintballs and paintball guns cost money, companies really took it to a new level in the name of profit.
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Paintball fields are closing because paintball's growth days were numbered once field owners started their "Race to the Bottom". Field owners couldn't lower prices fast enough at one point during our evolution, especially paint prices. They were all worried the field across town was going to steal all their customers if they let them sell paint $5 cheaper per case than they were selling them. So they lowered their price $5 lower than that, to get the customers they felt they lost back. This went back and forth until the lowest possible price was achieved. All this was possible of course because technology was evolving that allowed players to shoot more and more paintballs. What the fields lost in markup, they made up for increased volumes of paint sold. The only problem with that was that now fields were/are in need of selling high volumes of paint to keep afloat. The theory that bringing the paint prices down to make it more affordable so more people could play, didn't pan out. As the prices went down, people just shot more and more, so they weren't really saving any money. The high volume paintball game of tag that had evolved was attractive to a smaller demographic. So now we have a smaller demographic for fields to draw from with less markup, and a necessity to have those players shoot high volumes just to keep the cash flowing and try to keep the doors open.

In areas where the Race to the Bottom didn't take place (like here in BC Canada), fields have not closed down. On the contrary, new fields have opened up with more fields currently in the process of opening up. Paintball is still just as popular as ever and fields have an easier time staying afloat.

Many years ago when people posted things like, "paintball prices need to go down so more people can afford to play", I often warned them to be careful what they wished for.

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Those talking about the price of land in NYC clearly don't live here.
Yes, Manhattan is VERY expensive.
Land in Brooklyn is almost free.
Most warehouse have not seen use in almost a decade.
It would not cost much to open a field
profitability and local politics boil down to the major reasons it doesn't exist there.
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Paintball is doing fine.

The economy has gone down, so people are not pissing money away like when it was booming. It isn't a sport. It is a recreational activity, that costs X-amount of money to participate in. No extra money, means one doesn't play. It is simple as that.

As far as fields going away, it seems those that know how to run them as a successful business tend to stick around. Most that open fields have no experience running them as a business, so they tank.
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Opening any business within a city requires dealing with zoning more so than opening it in BFE.
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Originally Posted by 99BPS View Post
Those talking about the price of land in NYC clearly don't live here.
Yes, Manhattan is VERY expensive.
Land in Brooklyn is almost free.
Most warehouse have not seen use in almost a decade.
It would not cost much to open a field
profitability and local politics boil down to the major reasons it doesn't exist there.
insurance and property taxes would be the major money factors then. see if you can get by with using pain waivers that would bring it down to property taxes.
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Paintball is growing here in the STL area. My local field is having their best year and the turn out has been amazing. As far as the highspeed electro tourney types carrying the sport, companies figure out where the market is and will develop offerings for the newer players. This is why you are seeing entry level guns pop up in Walmart and other chain sporting foods stores. Why did Dye come out with a more tactical mil-sim line? Because there is a growing market for it. Tourney ball has its place, and so does woodsball. Pumps and electros can live on the same field and I think we're on the edge of even more advancements in technology for the guns and paint, and in player safety.

Have heart, brethren... the game is alive and well!
Originally Posted by Nyxd View Post
...just following the natural paintball life cycle. Young with no money and drooling over all the nice toys ---> Old with toy money and no time to play.

Feedback thread:
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as a player who mostly plays pump, i do not agree with higher prices for one single demographic, distribute the costs on all players (walk-on and rentals). i think getting new players hooked is what needs to happen. below are some observations i have made over time.

-have better, lighter rentals (gog eNMEy or something similar) than using heavy, inaccurate, loud, kicky, and long Tippmann/BT markers. i hear that complaint very often from rental customers (men, women, and children).

-a field i go to (American Paintball Park) gives rentals a free new mask to use and keep. much better than using a scratched up lens/mask that is still dirty from the last user (hear this complaint from rentals).

-have fogging solution/liquid pre-applied to mask lenses, rather than having your customer experience a fogged up lens that can ruin their experience or cause them to lift their mask (seen this many times).

-have rentals shoot paint that mark well and breaks well. less pain endured by the customer. the cheapest grade field paint can be bouncy and not mark very well.

-maintained fields. field upkeep and cleanliness. nothing like starting your day by stepping on screws/nails, or having a bunker fall apart on you. bunker goo should really be cleaned off every once in a great while.

-reffing staff with professionalism. have them treat it like a real job instead of somewhere to just goof off.

-segregating players. keep rentals with rentals and seperate out the self-equipped groups. if not possible, loan out gravity feeds to self-equipped to even things up a little more. also, split groups up more evenly.

-JT Splatmaster. not sure how i feel about this, but it looks promising. i saw the 10-12 year old kids having a blast using these and not as afraid to get shot. my local field, extreme paintball, is experimenting with these with what looks like really positive results. this may be a better way of introducing the younger crowd to paintball.
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