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Originally Posted by gospeedgo1 View Post
as a player who mostly plays pump, i do not agree with higher prices for one single demographic, distribute the costs on all players (walk-on and rentals). i think getting new players hooked is what needs to happen. below are some observations i have made over time.

-have better, lighter rentals (gog eNMEy or something similar) than using heavy, inaccurate, loud, kicky, and long Tippmann/BT markers. i hear that complaint very often from rental customers (men, women, and children).

-a field i go to (American Paintball Park) gives rentals a free new mask to use and keep. much better than using a scratched up lens/mask that is still dirty from the last user (hear this complaint from rentals).

-have fogging solution/liquid pre-applied to mask lenses, rather than having your customer experience a fogged up lens that can ruin their experience or cause them to lift their mask (seen this many times).

-have rentals shoot paint that mark well and breaks well. less pain endured by the customer. the cheapest grade field paint can be bouncy and not mark very well.

-maintained fields. field upkeep and cleanliness. nothing like starting your day by stepping on screws/nails, or having a bunker fall apart on you. bunker goo should really be cleaned off every once in a great while.

-reffing staff with professionalism. have them treat it like a real job instead of somewhere to just goof off.

-segregating players. keep rentals with rentals and seperate out the self-equipped groups. if not possible, loan out gravity feeds to self-equipped to even things up a little more. also, split groups up more evenly.

-JT Splatmaster. not sure how i feel about this, but it looks promising. i saw the 10-12 year old kids having a blast using these and not as afraid to get shot. my local field, extreme paintball, is experimenting with these with what looks like really positive results. this may be a better way of introducing the younger crowd to paintball.

People are making me realize that my issues are perhaps not so widespread. The NYC scene did at one point exist, in 2005 there were about 6 one field PB shops in Brooklyn, NY. Now there are none (official that I know of, still got a few outlaw fields going).

I knew the field owners very well, Brooklyn is actually pretty nice about licensing the fields in a way to avoid property tax. They take over derelict buildings and get to write off almost all of there costs as community/land based improvements.

Those griping about my suggestion of pricer paint for pump players (like myself) I'm sorry, your right. I would change that too, Offer 2 different paint options, one being better with a higher profit margin and let players choose.

People are right, and in many ways I am wrong. But I do think that showing more people Pump/Stock class play is an option is REALLLY Important. I think it would draw people who have left (like myself) back into the sport (though I left for college, and returned with a Pump when my free time did).

But look, there is no need to be so "our activity is perfect, stfu." You can use examples to disagree, but the one line "people always say this, but in my town its awesome" is not productive really. If you don't wanna talk about this, click a different thread. Those who act like their eyes burn everytime someone posts a threat on MCB they don't like need to GAL.

Mr. gospeedgo however, VERY WELL SAID. In fact I think you are much more at the heart of the problem then myself. I think my focus on changing "pro ball" is a waste of time (though I want to see a mainstream Pump/Stock class PSP series appear then)

The new GOG Enmy should replace the mech rentals at all fields. This is so true. A small tank on them, the option of HPA, and better masks would increase return (and regular rental players). Many Xball fields have an issue getting renters to come back because they are so badly dominated and have so many gear related issues.

I think you still offer a 98custom style marker, for those who want a heavy metal marker that reminds them of a gun. Just don't make them standered, have people choose between some form of BB (metal heavy milsim like) mech and the ENEMY for the same price.

I would also rock the new GOG ion (whatever its called now) or Vibe as a more $$$ rental option. I think a good deal of new players would shell out 50 for a Vibe and rotar running a cheap CF HPA tank. AND YOU ARE SO RIGHT ABOUT MASKS. The combination of the crap most fields buy and bad temperatures means its soooo hard for renters to see. Better masks/defogging stuff would be KEY.

Offering a mask to use and keep with the highest cost rental package would be a great idea too.

Good paint is just a must overall, for everyone not just rentals. The pain is not an issue IMO but feeling like u hit can't get people out because it keeps bouncing (or it keeps breaking in your barrel cus too brittle) ruins the game quickly. Further make sure the rental BARRELS fit the PAINT EXACTLY. No reason the fields markers should have a bad bore match with field pain (BUT ITS ALSO ALWAYS THE CASE)

The fields I've played with are always well maintained, the ones that are not I wanted to fail anyway. Those owners who care more about the $$$ then sport picked the wrong biz honestly. If you don't care, if you don't know how to make people love the sport on your field, you' fail as you should.

I've never dealt with unprofessional refs either. The guys at Liberty were amazing, and the PBmadness guys are really cool. Other fields used adult refs who always acted SUPER professional, but its very important as well. I also want my refs to LOVE paintball. To help the players and want new players in the sport. I want them playing a lot, fixing peoples markers, and being a MAJOR part of every aspect of my field. I want them to be coowners, and feel they have an IMPORTANT stake in the field as well.

I say split teams even, but don't always segregate. Playing all renters is boring even for some renters. They want to see the best players on both teams. Just make sure there are like 5 renters to each EGO/DM/Luxe Equipped selfequipped. Remember a lot of self equipped will come with Blow backs, mechs and other markers that don't BLOW the rentals out of the water. Pumpers and Stock class players are good people to put with renters. They don't outmatch the renters marker wise and show how important skill is. I wish people saw pumpers dominate instead of EP semi users so they said "WOAH skill is SOOOO important" Instead of "Woah, shooting fast is SOOOOO important." I think that message is key.

The splatmaster is cool I guess. I played for my first "team" (mostly played recball, played one walk on toury at Liberty, 1-1-2 in 6/14 place, and one at PBmadness 1-1-4, 14/15) at the age of 14. My 12 year old brother played with us as well. Practice would involve us shooting each other POINT BLANK with cranked up FPS. Look I'm no tough guy, honestly I've spent most of my life as a student finishing one degree after another towards being a Doctor of Psychology. Not exactly the "no pain no gain type", I hate pain. But paint does NOT hurt that bad, once you get used to it its a non-issue. I dont know anyone who stopped playing from the pain, lots stop from the fear. They don't move around enough because they fear the hail of paint. If we start kids with smaller paint/lower FPS shots they will fear real paint even more. When one of our teamates failed to charge a bunker in a rec game because he was fearful of the volleys flying from the other sides two Ego9 shooters (brand new at the time) we had him shoot himself in the foot after the game. We then had him wear a tee shirt at the next practice. These are the same kids I now play in tee shirts with during the summer. None of my friends, even those who have left the sport, fear paint any longer.
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Thank tho, ill keep people suggestions in mind a few years from now when i'm building my BK,Ny field.
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Yeah, i do not think pro/tourney ball is really a place to waste time on. it is still evolving, even though PSP looks to be the winner at the moment.

to me the jt splatmaster is a good starting point. kind of like training wheels on a bike, t-ball, flag football, arm floaties, etc.
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In certain scenes paintball is more of a luxury game than others... a field near a wealthier area will probably have more people with expensive equipment and the money to pay for lots of paint, therefore the speedball scene will probably thrive a bit more there.

Then there'll always be areas where people don't have the money, and I think those areas are where people should be encouraged to play pump or stock class or just use a mech gun or something as a means to popularize the game for people who are worried about their budget.

I got into paintball through a friend, who is into speedball and has a lot of speedball friends, but him and I can't afford that kind of play. I switched to pump and can spend a day at the field for less than 30 bucks. He's starting to see the appeal, it's the same game just a different play style. And a much cheaper one. He's looking into getting a pump too, possibly selling one of his bob long victories for an empire sniper or something.

That's really all it takes. You don't have to beg someone, you don't have to show them venn diagrams or charts or anything. It doesn't call for any mathematics or fancy persuasive techniques. You know someone who wants to play more but can't afford it? Tell them about pump. Go out and play a game with them and show them that you can take out just as many people with 10x less paint. Let them try out your gun. That's all it takes.
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Paintball is trimming the fat and consolidating itself. It doesn't need saving.
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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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Originally Posted by 99BPS View Post
I think there are a number of things everyone inside the sport NEEDS to do in order to turn around this trend.
All everyone needs to do is go play. Speedball, woodsball, pump, stock class, whatever. Just play.
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Originally Posted by ta2maki View Post
All everyone needs to do is go play. Speedball, woodsball, pump, stock class, whatever. Just play.
pretty much. I sat here for a few minutes trying to decide what else to add to my response but I can't think of anything.

Hell, I should be at the field right now lol.
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We just held our first of four Pump Tourney's, and it was a great was for fun (and some small prizes) and wasn't serious. It was sure competitive, but fun, not one wiper, guys calling themselves out when they thought they were hit when they weren't. Trying to compete with PSP - or speedball tourneys isn't worth it.

Keep doing what you are doing, took two guys to get Pump where it is here thriving with the help of a great Paintball community as it is.
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I'd date a girl with a cocker.
Originally Posted by Slappadapink View Post
....bro, you just gave me a quarter chub.
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I would love to see more pump tournaments!
- but enough of this "Let's save our sport for the good of mankind" nonsense. It'll always be around in one form or another.
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saw my stepbrother for the first time in about 5 years today, he saw the trracer laid out on the desk (i was putting in a new bolt, going over the internals et c.) and he wants to go out too now. i did my part, beer time.
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