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My in-laws gave me a $50 credit to PPS. This will offset the $300 worth of crap I want for my Sheridan

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Hammer 7, molle stuff for magazines, New cleats.
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walmart gift card, 30 bucks, clothes & socks haha, 90/4500 Ninja tank(Idk why I needed a tank so huge for pump but it's the PERFECT length), paintball jersey, Megadeth concert on blu-ray, Far Cry 3, and lots and lots and lots and lots of delicious food
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eNMey by potts213, on Flickr

eNMey... For the days I don't feel like pumpin! I have a dw barrel on the way too!
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Originally Posted by JaKaL View Post
I got a really good BJ from my wife last night. Does that count?
She should participate in the Secret Santa next year.
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Jayne hat from Firefly. That's it. Nice surprise though, since I never ask for anything.
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Hammer 7 ohhhh yeah. It's actually the first time I've ever gotten paintball related Xmas stuff. Typically I tell people don't bother you won't have a clue what I want to or where to get it
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I'm on the current list for one of the first run of 50 CCM J12's, but I am thinking mine will be a J13 at this point. That's okay, there is snow in my yard and our play area is probably under a couple feet of it at this point.
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Hammer 7!

A new lense for my I4.
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