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If I'm playing open play and inthinkmi get hit and can't check it or nobody around can I just callcll my self out. I'd rather go out on 100 bounces than to be called a cheater once
If I hear it hit my pack or some thing which doesn't happen cause I wear a fast pack under my jersey I assume it's a break
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Originally Posted by uv_halo View Post
I agree. I wear a vest as I prefer my air tank on my back but, I try for minimalism with a specops paintball alias vest, especially 'cause I tend to play in warmer weather.

The more worrying trend for me is the growing popularity of 'bounce shirts' (for the milsim and speedball crowd).
I am a minimalist who plays in warmer weather,I do load up playing in scenarios but still keep it light.Bounce shirts and padding have always been around.Have you seen the nppl jerseys theres are all kind pading on the chest arms and shoulder.What happened to those padding rules?In a rec perspective all that padding and cheap paint equals headache.I thought chest protection was for new players ect.Aren't these guys pro's?Oh yea more bounces leads to more paint use hmmmm!!
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I call myself out and admit that I am a dirty cheater.
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in those kinda situations I think I like the "gun hits don't count" rule some places have. But in pb, the hopper is a big target and a lot of people aim for it or happen to be hit on it.

If you didn't feel the hit, then I guess no one can blame/punish you for playing on. If anything, the guys who shot you should've made a huge commotion about it, or the refs should have pulled ya.

All in all, it's a game right? I played a small recball game with my group of friends at a field and I was still fairly new to paintball. I hadn't realized I got shot in the hopper during a little firefight before someone came up to bunker me and I shot them out before they could. It was my first elimination ever, and when he pointed my hopper out to me I felt so bad. But we still laughed about it and went back to play.

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I call myself out, say four Hail Mary's, and feel bad about myself for no less than two weeks.
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mattee, I also heard that your dog pees in your mask when he finds out
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Originally Posted by stimpy
here's your chance to be cool like Don
Originally Posted by stimpy
don is on the path to everlasting coolness
Paintball is my hobby . . . not a job . . . if it is to be a means to an end then that end is my happiness. The fun of the action, the silliness of play, the camaraderie of friends.
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Its not really a big deal, it happens to everyone that plays. You should check yourself any time you are in a big firefight and think your opponent snuck a few into your gear. I used to play in a huge tac vest, with 12 pods. Four front, four back, and two on my sides. Usually with a sidearm. The whole get up meant that around 50% of my targettable area was covered up by 'hardpoints'. You learn to pay attention to enemy fire when its coming in. I've seen shots 'disappear' into the pods around my stomach and just called out on it despite not feeling a thing. I knew I'd been gotten one way or another.

Bad spot always has and will be the back. I've been snuck up on and one-shotted, and had no idea. The player actually yelled at me, I turned around and was wondering what the heck my 'team-mate' wanted. Then he pointed at his armband, and to me. Up went my hand, off the field I went. Unfortunately, most times I missed shots to my back didn't end as nicely, as the players usually got upset with me for playing on.
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Loader hits are normally loud enough to notice or spray
And it's right in front of your face
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I used to run with vests but after being caught unintentionally playing on a few too many times, I now run with pod packs (if anything at all) to reduce the available area I could be hit and not feel it.

I'm not saying I enjoy the extra welts but I'd rather have the welts than be called a cheater.
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I call myself out and that's it. mainly because I suck too much to worry about having made an effect on the game or have eliminated anybody after being hit.
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Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
I'm gonna pop some aggs.
Only got 20 rounds in my pocket.
I'm huntin'
Looking for some cover,
This is ****ing awesome.
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