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Eh, it happens. Nothing you can do about it unless you have an 82' Delorean, hand goes up and OUT I go. It's not cheating if you honestly don't know you have been hit, hell I paint check players on my side when I'm playing for that reason alone.
I would like to believe we all play fair and sportsmanship goes along way, letting that guy know you were hit but didn't know it after the game at least let's him know it was an honest mistake.
My gripe is getting shot out from the players that do nothing but scream for paintchecks on players the whole game. If you hit me and I felt it and it broke I'm out, save the paint checks for hopper or pod shots no cause you think you hit me.
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This happened to me recently, I popped up over a ridge and took out a bunker full of players, I had a fierce fight with the last player in the bunker, take him out and continue flanking the team after i shoot one player the ref 10 feet away says "hey is that a hit on your feedneck?" I look down and there is a questionable hit on the front of my feedneck. I take the out and Have the ref reinsert the last player that i shot.. simple and easy.
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There are a few exceptions where I play the hits.

For example, if I shoot you out and you're walking to the deadbox and I'm running the flag in and you shoot me twice, I keep going because that was bull****.

If I snap out, shoot you, watch the spray off of your loader, a ref calls you out, and you shoot me as he does that, I'll call the nearest ref near me and if he saw the ref call it and the hit after the guy was called, I'll keep going because it was not an obvious hit and you were already out.

Normally, I'll take whatever hit happens past that. In the woods if you hit me I'm out. You had that shot, it's your kill, but on the speedball field it's a different story. You bounce one off of my dome and two off of my neck, I'm still going until one of those balls break. Even if it's a massive welt on my neck and I let out a welt, as long as it doesn't break I'm still in.
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