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Originally Posted by incynr8 View Post
2 pounds WITH loader?
I believe the "2 pounds with everything" that the manufacturers advertise nowadays includes marker, reg and barrel.

A certain manufacturer(cough)Smart Parts(cough) advertised their new marker a few years back as "less than 2 punds" but failed to mention the regulator and barrel were not on said marker at the time of the weigh-in. Everyone was led to believe that the marker complete and ready for a hopper and tank was under 2lbs and many were a little upset when that turned out to be false. But with that advertising(misleading or not) the bar was set at 2lbs or less and since then everybody has been shooting for the 2lbs or under with barrel and reg included.
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Macdev Cyborg. Easiest maintenance you've ever seen- no tools required for regular maintenance and tear-down except to access battery (damnable grip screws). Shoots as fast or faster than any gun out there. Plus it's butter smooth, mine has kick comparable to a DM7 and is significantly quieter than an Ego. The stock Gladiator reg is excellent making it one of the most consistent out of box guns available. My 06 is 2lbs, 5ozs with barrel, reg, battery AND asa (an angel one ASA, not the lightest but I think it's very nice). Where the borg really wins in my personal opinion though is balance and ergonomics. When I bring my gun up it just points where I want it to. I know the gun is really no more accurate than any other gun shooting the same paint with the same barrel at the same speed but I'd swear that since I got my borg I've been threading the needle with difficult shots a hell of a lot more frequently because of the intuitive balance and feel. There's enough room between the trigger guard and reg to wrap your hand around (I like that). The stock grips feel cheap but it's never bothered me when actually playing and Hybrids are available. The 07s are a bit lighter and slightly smaller than the 06s but the 06s are just as capable and several hundred dollars less. I picked mine up on eBay for $430 shipped and can safely say that I'd only trade it for another borg or if I could sell the trade for enough to buy another borg plus atleast a hundred cash.
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So...ehhhhh...can I get a crack at that Tribal? One of Sloonans and my teammates has been looking for another one.

As for the discussion, check out the ETEK vs. thread on the nation for a real world test from me, Sloonan, and DarkNinja. Its against the Rail

Might have to search a bit for it
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If you are still interested in a Fusion, speak to Arstron on AO or Fusionowners... he runs FO, and I believe he had a couple for sale.
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