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Originally Posted by tjd10684 View Post
I was making a hard push for myself to play mostly pump this year but it kinda petered out into mech semi. I wanted to play more pump to save money and increase my skills but the paint at my local field is sometimes sketchy so you will get barrel breaks if you use the higher end stuff but if you use the lower end stuff it does not always break on target. it gets extremely frustrating when playing pump. So I migrated to mech semi. I still keep my electros nearby but they don't get the play time they once did.
This is where I am at for speed ball. In the woods I find my pump is fast enough. I find i track my shots so much better that I have better chances to get woods eliminations playing pump.

for xball I find I'm playing better with my mag then my electros. I focus more on my play and less on my trigger/hopper/marker.
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I just play no batteries. Use a Mag when it's mostly walk ons and use a pump when it's mostly renters.

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I have played both pump and Semi (and Semi Pistol). Honestly, i play my Semi very much like i play pump. I have a small home-made hopper than holds 60 rnds. I haven't used an entire BAG of paint in a single day in a very long time.

I would use pump if not for the numerous times that, while playing pump, i really needed that hand on the ground or holding that tree/bunker to get a better angle and be able to shoot more than a single shot without moving my supporting hand off of whatever object i was using for support. I do alot of funky stuff on field that requires a hand to be away from the gun alot. My play style just wouldn't be possible if i had to constantly have both hands on my gun.

Side note, in those big games, it is nice to have a Semi in my hands when the 60 man rush comes running at your bunker.
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Mostly play rec ball and a pump is plenty. I just like playing pump, since picking up my S6 3+ years ago, it just "fits" me. I played mech for a number of years and tried out electro's for a couple of years, pump is just my cup of tea.

Play with what you like.

When I played Mech, I would shoot no more than 800 rounds playing all day, with a pump I will shoot 300-400ish playing all day, at absolute most, 500. It is cheaper to play, IMHO, the price is not the reason I play pump, I just like it.
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Why pump? - I need to improve my aim. A LOT. So forcing myself to focus on it by playing pump.

Why semi? - ... i'm really not that good at pump yet. But i have retired the electros in favor of mech semis.
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Mech.. I just love the sound of a well timed autococker.. Ffft-thss-cha..
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Semi, I'm lazy. I find one balling someone just as thrilling with either type. I prefer having 15 more to back it up if that one gets wiped.
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I play both as well, although I've pretty much only played pump for most of the year.

A PMI-I with a cooper-T bolt has been the only marker to never fail me once for an entire year. Proves the point that: more moving parts > more to break

I broke out the angel simply because I bought a 13/3000 and wanted to waste some older paint. Turns out I can't shoot paint even if I tried.

I love the challenge of playing against electros with the pmi-i. Sooooo much more satisfying to get the headshot.
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I play both. My Mag and PGP always make the trip to the field. Pump for what seems to be the main reason.
1. Saving money. As some of use may have reached that point where dumping cases of paint was starting to loose it's luster as well as costing way too much. I also have 1 or 2 sons playing which til they get jobs (damn child labor laws, kids worked in mines and mills for years) so funding their paint for the day on top of mine could get expensive. So a bag of 500 rds will always last me the day and even next week too.
2. The feeling when you rush to cover off the break and feel almost vunerable without a hopper/tank/pod harness and the chunkachunkachunka of paint filled pods. Yes you have less weight on you but the freedom I feel while moving goes more than just a few lbs less.
3. The challenge of going up against fully Upgraded high end electros and gaining their fear or respect. Practice on snap shots and moving lots more also having a blast at the same time.
4. The chance to bring old school back, letting that new player see how a pump works. Spent 2 12 grams and some paint letting a group of 10-13 yr olds shoot my PMI-1 in the chrono range, they loved it and asked all kinds of questions about it which was great in my mind. At my field there tend to be alot of rental groups of kids on open day which makes me use my pumps on them so their first time playing isn't their last after getting shot a dozen time vs my 1 maybe 2 shots.

Now semi. Because I love to be that guy who lays down some cover fire while you move up, which can not always be down with a pump. I do like the option of being able to exchange fire with another player sometimes not just popping out and taking a shot. And as per stated above my field has lots of younger walk on renters who will run to the closest bunker/cover and group there the whole game. While I run or make my way to the 50 and find out my whole team is 5 to a bunker at the starting point. No matter how crafty or skillful I am a one man army doesn't aways work so out will come the semi to give me a bit of an edge.

As you can see I may be more passionate about pump but those are basically the reasons I play with one or the other, some maybe the same as you guys but they may just be me. Not sure if that's what you wanted 99BPS but I tried.
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I dont mind playing pump. I startedplaying pump witha cheap o brass eagle blad turbo pre recall. I then gpt my first semi for my bday and ive played semi ever since btevery now and then i play pump. I used to be very fast. I run the 40 in sub 5 so thats pretty fast for an average person. But with me having a lot of joint issues that speed isnt there anymore but that still doesnt mean I wont play pump. Mostly i play pump with rental players.
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