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If you can't manage to tech and keep a stacked tube poppit running I am not sure how if you plan to keep anything running. No offense at all, there are many things other people find very easy I cannot figure out for the life of me. All I am saying is that if your don't over think it, modern guns are a breeze to work on if they ever need work.

Here is what I suggest:
Want something with some girth to it and a great smooth shooter? Alias.
Want something newer without macroline? G6r
Want something you will rarely have to tech? Ego 9-11
If you are okay with having to lube a little more often though I suggest the Marq series from bob long. Not too light, thick but not too thick frame, fast as you need.
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I'll just tell you what electros I've had for awhile and like

A1 Fly (mine has a tadao) - What I use the most.
Karnivor (with tadao board if you wanted it tourney ready)
G7 (mine has a virtue so tourney ready)
SR with MQ2
Lasoya Promaster (has a mostly tourney ready board)

All of these have worked great in the cold. Angel G7/A1 Fly maintenance is dead easy. Much like autocockers it's a couple drops of oil every couple cases and lube the reg (+ram for angels) now and then.

The only one that's been finicky is the SR with MQ2 (the mq2 specifically). The A1 Fly and G7 come with great triggers. My Karnivor and Promaster have been upgraded to have a nice triggers with bearings.

While I have little experience with spool valves. My experience with poppets has been they're very easy to tech.

Since I'm a gun whore I'll be getting a marq and a shocker nxt to try
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I just got a bunch of shockers in from a friend, as a kind of gift. As annoying as they are, I know shockers really well.These are all broken right now, but I'll have them working in a few days, nothing major is wrong with any of them just need orings/tuning/lube.

My friends also sending me a Promaster for a to be named later price, because he doesn't like the size and knows I do. It'll be more of a backup marker in my bag, but I do love promasters. It's not some decent ups on it too (ball bearing trigger most importantly imo).

I'm pretty set on the Borg RX for this season, but if I see a good price on a number of Timmys I'd prolly grab em too at some point during the season. These shockers give me some wiggle room cus i'm destined to make a few bucks on em.
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