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99BPS 01-04-2013 09:37 PM

Marker Set Up
I realize, marker set up is 98% personal preference, which is why I am asking others preferences, and giving you my own.

For anyone whose read my threads from when I rejoined recently, skip this. I played heavily in HS, and spend the last two summers before college on a sponsored team (shooting proto, wearing jt). I just recently got back into the sport, and have been focused on pump play. I love pump and I think i'm sticking with it for recball.

But come this summer offers to play competitively have popped up again. I graduate in june and will have time/money to blow this summer. Basically it's a party and have fun summer, so music festivals and paintball.

There are no pump leagues around here, nor many single competitions, so its not an option. That means getting back into PSP style electros. And boy, do I need some friggen advice.


I started with a Spyder Electra parents got me for Xmas. I used it for a weekend of play and it already had major issues. Got an ACS Bolt :gunsfiring: and it was still a POS, so I made it a loaner gun (bad year for spyder, the next run was far better as were the older runs of the same marker)

Got an Ion. Things I love and things I don't I mean it really did just shoot most of the time. Breaking it down was a pain, because the body sucks. Also the electronics are delicate and cheaply soldered. I like the way it shoots honest, its a tad too light and small for me personally though.

Shot a bunch of different impulses. Hated fixing em, so I'd just sell em broken and buy a new one when they went down. Till someone sent me a broken one and screwed me. Could't resolve cus paypal was useless back then, I got screwed, traded it for a mag (I added 100$) just to get rid of it. Love that mag but its not a modern speedball marker, and I don't want to play with it, so its not part of this thread.

I got a Pimp on PBreview from Epolice. It's Upgraded to heaven and shoots like a dream. To this day I love this marker. I can tech it but don't trust myself, because I would actually be very displeased if I couldn't use it in the future. I'm buying another Pimp + extra parts, just to keep mine running. I don't want to use it as my main marker, its too hard to source parts and I don't want to put practice/tournament abuse into it. The weight is perfect for me, and as a typical backplayer I don't mind the size. I love the way it sights sooo much :)

Once I played for proto I shot the PM5-7. To be honest, I never loved em. Don't get me wrong, I loved the way they felt when I shot. I love the way they shouldered, and the weight/trigger frame. I hated keeping them running. I hated the issues with almost every aspect. I hate how finicky they get in the cold. They are lighter then my Pimp, but not too light (I don't like too light, personal thing). They are small, but not too small. I did hate the stock triggers, but never found and Aftermarker I really loved either. My Pimps delrin trigger is nice, but I wish it has a bearing trigger, much nicer.

I've shot far more then this, these were just major markers for me. Ones I played multiple games with or owned for awhile. This is already a short novel, I didn't want to drive EVERYONE away.

I've shot my friends Mini a good deal. No thanks.

The Axe is much better in my hands, but i've never LOVED single tube markers. I guess if it really is that easy to keep running/tuned and such, I could be talked into, but someone would have to go out of their way to pitch it lol.

My teamate shot a 2K2 timmy back in the day, I think Lasoya but ttyl could be wrong. I liked the marker, but honestly had an easier time teching my Pimp (though the internal hoses can suck my d).

Basically, like every noob, I'm asking what markers I should look at. I know tons about most every marker, but I haven't played with/shot (most of) the newest group, nor honestly the group that JUST became affordable used. The gen 1 mini is the newest marker I have shot, so I am coming and asking which guns will best fit certain needs.

1. Bigger, heavier - I'm not a fan of the tiny style that has become so popular. I backyard shot my friends geo ?.? a today before we hit the field (it went down when he was trying to impress me shooting roped, I was impressed but the paint sucked, and the orings were not impressed, he had already used that particular replacement oring). I mean it shoots like a dream no question. But I didn't like the way it felt in MY hands, or the way it shouldered. I'd take an ego style marker over the geo style.

2. Easy to tech - I'm intelligent, Im not handy. I can understand things, but that does not stop springs from flying away from me. I don't like to break things down, I often can't put them back together. I've been playing paintball a long time and am exaggerating to an extent, but I'm sending my personal marker out to be teched for 40$ so that says all you need to know. I don't want to have to do that every month.

3. Older then 2 years - I'm trying to buy used, and I don't wanna pay close to marker price because every idiot is still clamming to get one. I'm looking for something thats a few years older and people have to try and sell it. The ones that lost more value then others to say. Like if I wanted an Ego it would be an Ego7/8. Its just such similar technology for a much more doable price. And you can tell whose markers you should buy, the guy who owns 20 markers prolly didn't use it much, and he prolly knows how the f to take care of it too.

4. Stacked tube - I'm thinking I like that style.

5. Ball bearing trigger stock - hate changing/buying triggers, sometimes I don't like the ones i buy (ALWAYS). Clearly if i'm buying used it may have one anyway, but if it came stock it friggen better have one!

6. Bigger trigger frame...think FEP Quest, Evil Pimp,SP Impulse. I liked the older DM/PM frames, but the new ones look so small. I'D LOVE SOME INPUT FROM MODERN DM/PM OWNERS ABOUT THE SIZE "FEELING" OF THE MARKER.

7. Bolt out back.

8. Price (used) 300-600$.

9. 2009 IMPULSE OWNERS THIS IS A QUESTION FOR YOU. So my friends team (who has all their gear stolen) all shoot 2009 Impys. This means I have shot them a bunch and know how they feel. Personally I really like the way the marker feels in my hands. The size, the lack of macro line, the double tube, the way it sights all perfect. I don't like the drops they all use (old school ballas, but younger then meeee....:bang:). They all are Impy fanboys and can't be trusted for much. How is it to bread down your impulse? How often do orings need changing? What issues have you had? Is DLX good about helping you out like they said they would be?

10. Gotta handle the cold. I play all throughout the American Northeast well into the fall and early winter. It needs to NOT stick in the cold like the old PMs did. I used my Pimp so many times late in the season hoping out rep would not see because my PM was sucking it up with the cold air.

11. I'll be playing PSP so it's gotta be something that can shoot tourney paint (I've heard the Etha can't, can anyone tell me about this?) as well as have PSP 3 SHOT on the stock board (or lmk what is the best aftermaret board that has these things for the marker you suggest).

I am
A Mostly Back Player, who used to/does play the snake sometimes, but never found a larger gun a problem with his large lanky body.

Other quick question, because anyone whose read this is either really bored or really tryna help...

I'm trying to get my gf playing this summer. She likes the idea, but only really likes my pump markers. At the same time she did like the ion before I sent it out. I'm thinking she just likes the small colorful markers and not the bigger ones. What single tube markers in the 150-200 (No blowbacks) would you'all recommend for a brand new player. Ease to do basic tech, reliability, and size being FAR more important then speed or ability to use competition paint.

Myrkul 01-04-2013 09:54 PM

I'm hesitant to give you any advice at all, because as you said guns are all preference, and you seem to be very picky about what you do and don't like. My best advice for you would be to go to the field and start asking to shoot other peoples' guns at the chrono. If you exhaust that, try going to nearby fields and trying the guns there, CRU in flint has a huge variety of used guns and is a pretty friendly crowd.

Sorry but that's really all can help you with, Hope you find something that works!

senghing27 01-04-2013 09:59 PM

GOG Enemy.

99BPS 01-04-2013 10:09 PM


Originally Posted by senghing27 (Post 2582462)
GOG Enemy.

I'm def buying one. But not to play PSP with. Look I realize ROF is not what wins games, but you need to put solid paint on the field playing PSP. And snapping is more effective with a 3shot option.

I'd shoot my mag or one of my pumps if I was saying screw ROF. The teams I want to play for won't be interested if I don't have a three shot mode, they all require it.

Other reply -

Shooting a marker over a chrono tells me almost nothing, so honestly if you didn't want to give me advice you rly didn't have too.

I'm picky sure, but I just want to hear which markers people who find bigger markers comfortable (impulse ect) like to shoot today. So if you have big hands and don't like an NT in your hands, what DO YOU PERSONALLY LIKE? If you feel like it, let me know, if not, click another thread...

Its not like I hold people responcible for their suggestions. I think most EP markers shoot pretty similar, its the feel and techning them that sets em apart. I have read ALOT of the best advice about markers from people who own MANY in the forums. That why I bothered typing this, because as much as I'll get derided for asking, some people will say super helpful things.

MEDuck 01-04-2013 10:21 PM


Originally Posted by 99BPS (Post 2582480)
Shooting a marker over a chrono tells me almost nothing, so honestly if you didn't want to give me advice you rly didn't have too.

You make it sound like you don't want his advice... He's simply making a recommendation.

senghing27 01-04-2013 10:23 PM

GOG Enemy is for your GF.

For you, I would say take a look into the Macdev Cyborg RX. Relatively cheap marker that is very under rated, they are not too big, not too small, and perform pretty well.

saintnoir 01-04-2013 10:30 PM

a bit obscure but a alien indy 09-11 compact ,stack tube, bullet proof and a really sweet profile

99BPS 01-04-2013 10:30 PM

Thats a good call for the gf, I was really thinking about picking one up anyway. So thats kind of a win/win. She likes a real trigger pull too.

Whats a good price for a borg these days? What was the last year they made em? I think I remember these from 05 when I was still playing, BEAST marker back then. Is the RX a new model? (I'll look it up anyway but I dont know off hand).

size/shape look PERFECT. thanks!

senghing27 01-04-2013 10:43 PM

RX is somewhere around 09-10? The RX is the model to follow the older cyborg line.

The trigger frame is pretty generous.
I see them float from $300-500, depends on condition, parts, etc.

zigenscarface 01-04-2013 10:48 PM

You should check your attitude when people give you advice because you ask for it.
He didn't say chrono other peoples markers.. he said try them out at the chrono pit.. I don't think someone is going to hand you their marker to test out in the middle of a game..

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