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Originally Posted by BLachance75 View Post
Another option is to ask the guys at PBMafia to make you a custom M-Pack. They will make you a belt long enough to fit. I had a 3+2 pack made that holds pods horizontally.
yea, i was going to recommend pbmafia too. they can custom make a pack to any size you need. i wear size 50, and they had no problem making one for me.
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I'm a big guy too ( 6"1" 300 lbs). I've fought with vests and pod haulers and nothing really seemed to put the pods where I needed them. I recently got a valken bravo vest. SCENARIO GEAR, VESTS, Bravo Vest (Tiger Stripe)*| Valken This thing is comfortable and puts the pods where you can get to them. I have worn it twice to play now and no complaints at all. Good luck on the hunt.
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Honestly, my solution to being a fat guy was to go back to playing stock class. Everything I need fits on a shotgun belt.
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I'm a 46" waist too, NXE packs fit great. I believe they are for up to a 52" waist
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3rd on the pbmafia. They'll make any of their packs to whatever size you want
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i would recommend just using any regular pod pack and then get two sided velcro and make it as long as you wont and use that on the straps of the pod pack. it would make the straps longer and fit you better.


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sorry for bringing this back from the dead... i myself have been debating what pod pack works better for me, who is also on the huskier side... three yrs later on thread, maybe we got more guys with some opinions..??? here, we only got 1 paintball shop on the islands with a limited selection. just want to find right pod pack that fits me well..
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Flurry is still a good option. Last time I wore mine I was well over 300 w/48 waist...
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I just learned something.

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Get any pack you want. Valken makes nice belt extensions. I am a 44 waist and have several packs that I can barely get the ends to touch at the front. I throw on an extension and I am good to go. You can get them in 8", 14" and 20".
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