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Fat guy harness/pods?

Everyone, I'm...well...there's more of me to love than most. I wear size 46 pants, just a hair over 300 lbs.

Oof. That hurt just writing.

I'm beginning to exercise, watch what I eat, blah blah blah...but that all being said, I'm *also* getting back into the swing of things with paintball.

Does anyone have any suggestions for pod harnesses that'd fit someone who's more, say, Santa-sized than not?
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Hey, don't fret friend. Could be worse, I'm a 46 pant and a hair under 400 lbs :P. While I'm 6'5, I'm still way over weight. But I'm changing that .

Anywho, as a fat man, check out the NXe Packs. I personally wear this one: NXe Dynasty Elevation Pack 4+3+2

Fits way better than most packs I've wore. And gives some good back support. Hope that helps
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I'm 6'3" just under 300 and a 44 waist. I wore that pack also just in the Dave Bains version. I loved that pack.

Solid pack and fit great.

Boston Creepers
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I wore an evil pack once, it held like 7+0 pods, (in other words all pod holders, no between pod holders). I wear a 36 and i couldnt get it tight enough to stay up. So probably anything you can find above say a 4 pod holder type might work.

I don't always play pump, but when I do, I prefer a rotor.....stay agg my friends.
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I have a pack from Flurry that fits great.

Ultraback Modular Harness
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Just post here along with who's your favorite mod and you're in!
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The Flounder.
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I must have missed that memo

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I got the 6+1 from Valken, and they have an extender that just velcros in, I assume it would work with any pack with velcro, and it's only $10.

Valken Paintball Harness Belt Extender - 12 in Olive

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Flurry & APP make large sized pod packs.
Dealer for APP, CCI, Nelson, Leland, Valken, Tippmann, & Procaps.

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Willing to be a 3rd party for shipments to Canada anywhere in the world just PM me.
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Another option is to ask the guys at PBMafia to make you a custom M-Pack. They will make you a belt long enough to fit. I had a 3+2 pack made that holds pods horizontally.


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Before I picked up pump I bought a Valken 4+3 (I believe) pod pack. It's a plain black pack, it was one of the older models on sale at ansgear... It fits pretty well, 2 layers of velcro, really good range of adjustment. Comfortable.

6'0", 300 lbs., I wear size 44 pants a little loose. You might like the Valken stuff
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If you ever go vest for hauling your pods, the valken 3x will fit you nicely.
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