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Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
Yeah.. interesting... Their latest news says: The Jackal is here... back on 12-16-2004

My oh my.... That's a bit ago, and no updates, no nothing. They did sell those somewhere right? Chacal... Interesting.
There's one in a PBNation picture thread, and that's the only time I've ever seen one used.

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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
oldschool play is about sportsmanship and respect, oldschool gear is available on Ebay.

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I don't think any of the current mass production markers or their derivitives will ever be as collectible as some of the older stuff we like to hunt for now. To me, they are just all mass produced (likely in China for all I know) appliances and they lack the soul of yesterdays markers.

With that said, I see some lower production, lower tech markers made today being collectible in the future as they are an extension of what is collectible now.
PPS markers
Carter markers
KPCS customs like the Scout
Mad Rifle (I just ordered one of these and can't wait for the day it arrives )
Nice Phantoms
Lapco Grey Ghost 2006

But these are the collectibles to someone with my tastes and mindset of paintball circa 1990. Collectibles are often the things people want as kids but can't have for various reasons. So, if the PBN generation grows up into collectors, they may want Timmys, Egos or a DM6. Even so, I think these will never be as collectible since they exist in greater numbers.
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I think anything CCM has made in the past (SS-25, J2, Series 5, ect.) will be a collectors item in a few years.
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Here's what I think. When you take a look at "collectibles" in other markets, they run the gambit of everything from the "ultra-rare" that usually only serious collectors know about, to the "I always wanted one as a kid" type stuff that has kept markets going years after the original product become long obsolete. For example, you have the ultra-expensive European sports/race cars for the car collector/restorer market and then you have guys like my dad who buy an old MG Midget to restore and show off. I think that your ultra-rare, the 1-of-20, even 1-of-100 markers that are truly unique, and not just a different body design will occupy the high-value end of the market. Much in the same way that Wood occupies our high-end collector's market right now. I think that your run-of-the-mill collectors who do it for the sheer historical or "project" value of it will be buying Nelspot, Splatties, and all the stuff we collect right now as well as PTP mags and 'Cockers, KAPP 'Cockers, Shocktech and BBT stuff. AKALMP stuff will always be a collector's item that you see out on the field as far as the Viking and Excals go. But, just like you never see a Tarus at an auto-show, you'll never see a big pro-series/98-series market, Ion Market, or even Spyder market with the exception of a very few (like the black widows and EM-1's) Mainstream 'cockers, won't ever get up there, and I doubt that a lot of the mainstream mags will either. But I DO think that they are both up (in their unique forms) for the Collectors to start grabbing.
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how did you find a v6 I've been trying to get my hands on one of those for about 3 years. (not an led I have one of them but a true v6 I really need one)

Yea the v6 will definitly be collectable, I feel the pvi shocker, sandridge cockers maybe as well as some osiris and some other electros (except eblades) possibly some of the original dm3s like the team guns.

anything ripper milled really.

classic timmy all stock might be a neat collectable.
Things from small companies such as alien or infinity.

bout all I can think of a.t.m
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