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Are you kidding me? Really? This really needs discussion?

If someone were to magically make an open bottomed holster for a full sized marker, would you be OK with them not having a barrel sleeve?

"It's OK; it's holstered! See, the trigger is covered up by the holster material."

Discussions like these are why I try to keep my mask on even in the staging area.
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Kinda odd how some players look at safety diffrent.Cocked or not it must be plugged or covered.We are pb players not delta !!
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Originally Posted by Hawkeye20 View Post
Why not? Guns don't go off by themselves--my rule is that it's not cocked. When the safety is on (and yes, I know the rule to never rely on a safety), and as long as the trigger is covered up and cannot be reached or snagged on anything, there's no problem.

Also, sidenote, I use a barrel plug on all my pistols when in a holster.

And a second sidenote, I typically do not have it loaded (or at least chambered) when I'm off the field.
I never have a ball loaded in my phantom when I'm not using it.

Except the time I shot a guy in the nuts at point blank range as we were reading a map together.

Good times.
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Open tip holsters are not ok in my book. If there's a clear path from the barrel to an eye it's a bad idea. While the trigger is not accessible, who's to say that movement in the holster won't pull the trigger?

You never rely on the user for safety. Safety equipment like barrel blocking devices are there to prevent user error. While some people are very careful, things happen. I've certainly seen enough balls shot into barrel bags in the staging area to make me want to wear a mask at all times. I've even been guilty myself a time or two.

Originally Posted by senghing27
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BALL STOPPER Oversized Barrel Plug [BIGBP] - $1.25 : Celanis Paintball, Online Store

Barrel Wrapp Cover Yellow Double Barrel [BARREL-WRAPP-II] - $4.25 : Celanis Paintball, Online Store

Barrel Capp Barrel Cover Yellow [BARREL-CAPP-Y] - $4.50 : Celanis Paintball, Online Store

Anyone of those and you're covered. Still will work with your holster and still being safe.
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I throw either one of those huge palmer or lapco barrel covers over the holster end, or barrel if it sticks out, when I leave the field. It goes over the entire holster.
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I've got a CQB holster for my tib, I just use one of the orange TPX spikes. Works awesome, never had an issue with it.

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The more layers of protection the better imo

No ball chambered + Safety + Holster + Barrel blocker > No ball chambered + Safety + Holster

Mistakes happen at the field ALL the time. Do as much as you can to ensure that you have all available protection.
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This shouldn't even need discussion. If you are not on a field, where everyone has a mask on, the barrel should be blocked in some fashion. And the whole "the trigger is covered" is just stupid. It only takes once for something to fail in your gun, and someone is crippled for life. If you're too lazy to bag/plug your barrel before entering the safe zone, you shouldn't be playing.
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I'm more concerned about being the shooter than the shootee.

I get shot in the eye, I'll eventually get over it. If I'm responsible for taking out someone's vision, that'll haunt me forever.

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