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i'd quit.

seriously, i love my 20+, i couldnt go to just 1 gun.

i could get to maybe 3.... but that would bring tears to my eyes and be painful.

my 3-5 i could live with
CCM J12 (T2 would/could be replaced with this if i really do love her, she's still too new)
08 Ego
CCI Phantom (oc/sc breeches, gas through grip, ssc'd out, maybe even a pa pump kit)
SP Ion (yes you read right, ION. too simple, too cheap, too easy to use, doesnt hurt the bank account)
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probably my mag. easy to maintain & shoots as fast as i need it to.

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I'd very happily keep my retro 7 as my only gun. If I could add a second it would be my mag.
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As sad as it may seem... I love my pumps, but I'd keep my DM9. It's really the only marker I keep with me all the time. If I could keep 2, the second would be my 2k5 superstock sniper.
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do my twin T-8's count as (1) gun? it'd be my RF/OC Phantom, I bought in'89.
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this is the worst question ever... ive got 3 mags i doubt i will ever sell, my T2, and a Geo. I could live without the Geo but the last 4 would be super tough to boil down any further.
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Easy. My Ccm series 5 (already my primary). Its a pump, electro and mech semi all in one. Easy to maintain consistent and accurate as they get.
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My DD68. There's a lot behind the story.
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If I had to go to just one, I'd stick with my CCM-pump '98 cocker.

But I'd miss my PGPs terribly.
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