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How many of you do this. Paying if Forward Paintball Style.
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If a kid comes up to or group and starts to ask questions. I'll usually try and help them and then if I see them on the field I'll try and motivate and give them pointers on how to do things better. If is a big group of kids it's harder to do that.
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Yeah, I definitely try to help out the younger/newer players in the game whenever they're around. Now that I think about it, I was sharing a bunker with a renter a couple of weeks ago, and took a few seconds to demonstrate how to play tighter, so he didn't hang all the way out when shooting.

A couple other instances come to mind, like when my team was playing recball, and a birthday party of first timers joined the game. We (about five or six players) hopped together with them to make one team in a roughly 12 on 12 game. Each of us basically paired up with one of them, and we did our usual things. Some stayed back, some moved up quickly, but everyone in pairs, teaching while playing. Good times.
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some random kid with his dad asked me if i could lend him a barrel plug for the day.

since he was responsible with safety i gave him my empire barrel bag and just told him to keep it.
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Yea, I try hard to help younger players. I'm 21 so most younger players readily ask me questions, seeing me as someone who may be able to help without being a full on adult (which often means intimidating). I'm not the best tech in the world, but I know blowbacks well and do what I can. I find most questions are stupid, but I like being able to correct misnomers like the need for a 20inch barrel.
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I try to help the younger kids. I started playing in my 20s and asking for help then was like asking for a kidney.

I try to tech the newer players guns when I see they're down.

I'll also throw them the rest if my leftover paint when I leave. Couple times I've gone back and they've come up and thanked me again or asked to latch on for the day....most likely for the chance to score paint at the end if the day.

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Reffing a bit. I usually end up giving a mini-course in how to play; marksmanship, how to play a bunker and when & how to move.
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I've been meaning to buy a couple decent model 98 barrels to loan out to the renters on my team. I always try and help em' out with advice and whatnot. Why would'nt you? If they have a good time, the sport gets bigger and better. End.
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almost every time I go to the field I end up getting the kids looking at the stuff I pull out of my gear bag and asking all sorts of questions and such. Had one kid actually ask if my phantom was more accurate than his rental. I just told him accuracy isn't simply a matter of the marker but of the paint and the person shooting. I also try and really get the kids into the game ie if I want to get them up to the front bunkers where they can actually shoot at somebody I'll stay back and provide cover fire as they move. I also love when BYOP airball is done I've often taken a few of the kids that may have just gotten their first marker and I run drills. So I show them how to play snake for example or how to snap shoot around a dorito or what have you. usually after a couple drills I'll grab a ref and have him pair them off into teams and they have a few rounds at each other. I've hoenstly always been impressed at how well they listen and take my advice to heart. One kid actually seriously asked me if I was a professional player (this while I'm wearing a jt flame jersey 04 jt pants my thigh rig and carrying a micro phantom lol) I just told him no I'm not a pro but I've played lots of tournaments and lots of woods ball and I'm just trying to get more kids to come out and play so that the sport doesn't die. I think next time i head back to the field I have a feeling a few kids are going to be sporting enmeys lol. They saw mine and were asking about it a lot of questions were whether it was electronic and about how it didn't chop any paint and such. I really freaked them out with the finger down the feedneck and pull the trigger demo. One kid was screaming " YOU"RE GOING TO BREAK YOUR FINGER!!!!!" I said relax is so gentle on paint it won't even hurt me. I honestly though he was going to faint when I pulled the trigger. His jaw about hit the ground when the gun chuffed as the bolt stopped and reset off my finger. I wonder what he would do if I showed him Tom Kaye and the whole tongue in the breech video from the X mag days.

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I'm like Falcon16, get all sorts of kids asking what guns I have in my gear bag, always draw a crowd lo when I play Bragg Creek. Last time I was there a kid got his gun stolen, it was a milsim style gun, I gave him a traccer to use for the rest of the day, he went to return it, told him to keep it, felt bad for him.

Kinda funny when you get asked if you are a pro, get that lots from renters.
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