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2013 scenario rant/ Potential for lols.

I know it's just a game and everyone has their own style. But this has been bothering me for a while now...

Is anyone else tired of tactical "squads" attitudes at big games? During the 2012 season a ran into more wannabe warriors than was tolerable. I tried, I really did. Imagine six guys in their 20's not kids. With 1k+ worth of gear each, not counting guns. 1k worth of non paintball dead weight. That tell you they have only been playing for a couple years. And they think they are pro. Pop up tent with banners, youtube channel, facebook page, the works. Then they talk down to you with a level of arrogance that makes you wish something would fall from space and just rip this guys head off. Me standing there with a patch jacket on, with paintball patches over 10 years old on it. Carting around a gun that I built myself. With 13 years spent in the sport I've just had enough.

Back when camo wasn't cool and most of the big egos were on the air bunkers; we in the woods had peace. But now the woods are in and paintball is being marketed to the tacticool generation of paintballers. I'm not debating whether or not milsim is good for the sport. I've had my share of toy solider guns. But to spend $120+ to play a big game and be treated poorly because the event has been swayed to squad based missions. I've talked to other players at events that told me they would not return to the field because of the "army guys" being idiots. This puts me further into the woods playing outlaw. In the end the almighty dollar wins. They spend more, it's a business, I get it. End rant.

So after all that being said. I still like big games especially ones based on video games. Mainly because you don't have to take them seriously. With that in mind. I'm planning on building a counterstrike audio spam costume. If you don't know what that is look up the video cs personalities. And use it to hunt down squads with it. Only the over the top "hardcore" ones that make themselves a nuisance to others. And just have fun with it at big games.

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Personally it doesnt matter to me how someone dresses or plays paintball. When I first started all I wanted was an A5 AK47, So I saved up and bought it and it was great, alot of ballers love the milsim look and I have no problem with it. If they are trash talking and bringing people down then that doesnt float well. I agree, if someone no matter if they play woodsball, speedball, recball is being an idiot then I would not enjoy the day either. Same goes for speedballers that pay $2000 for guns,tanks,clothes,hopper and all the extras that most times act as dead weight. If they have the money and want it then I have no problem and love to play with them. If they start harassing people or bonus balling then they aswell just like the milsim guys shouldnt be playing and ruin a good day of friendly paintball.

Doesnt matter if its milsim or any other type of play what matters is the attitude of the player.
Originally Posted by Dr. VonDeafingson View Post
Because what other sport allows you to inflict pain on your friends with a gun and not go to jail afterwards?

Youtube Channel:

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I hear ya. They fall under the same category as every other douchebag that shows up at the field. All you can do is hunt them down and make them lose. That is if they're even on the field with there tacticool markers always breaking down or not shooting paint good enough to hit someone at 10 feet away.

Something else I've noticed, is some of these internet/Youtube people spend more time off the field making an image for themselves. To the unsuspecting, one would think that they play paintball 24 hours a day when in fact they might only play for a short time. That being said, I'm all for growing the sport if that is what it takes, I just think it's funny.

In the end, I don't care what other people do, I'm playing paintball no matter what.
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Exactly. But when you put six of them together with that mindset they can affect a lot of peoples day. It's not the gear that's the big problem. I want to do some light hearted ribbing not be malevolent about it. Like sneak up behind them as they advance and hit play. Don't even shoot them in the back just alert everyone they are there.
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Yep, don't let anyone else spoil the fun that you showed up to have. If they are being all serious and playing Modern Warfare on the field, have some fun with them. That's what we're all here for.
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I always laugh when I see those guys wearing military uniforms wrong
Or pretending that they are in the military

Saw a guy with USAF abus at decay. Had everything right. Name tape rank blousings
What gave him away was his sleeves rolled up like a marine
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counter strike - YouTube

Found the video. Music is over the top from what I'd use. It would just be to annoying. I'm trying to make people laugh at it when they get the joke. Need to build a speaker pack. And make a headband with the little megaphone over my head.
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Myself and some friends refer to them as "tango niners". It's just part of the scenario/big game scene. Just like both sides complaining that the "other" side never leaves when they're hit or stay in bounds. Just roll with it.


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I know these groups, but there are two sides. My fav crew at liberty is a group of Korean-American former US army guys. They dress up super milsim, but play with speedball guns. They do have a tendency to bonus ball I suppose, but not intenciallly. They do tend to play hard, but outside of the game they are the nicest dudes around. They tend to scare a lot of the kids who don't want to play against them, but the'll fix anything you give em and use their own parts freely to repair your stuff.

I think the prob is the guys who have never really served and want to pretend playing pball is the same. The same dudes who make Xbox live a major pain in the *** if you have your volume on. People who are so insecure they have to talk major ****, and walk around covered in fake patches. I know the real patches, i know the old games and such and it's easy to tell the difference between someones contrived patch jaket (fake military patches) and a real one (patches for big games/pball events form years past) the problem is these guys don't know the difference. They think patches = respect.
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One nice thing about those "teams" is that they're easy to take apart.

You've been playing for 13 years...? Show off your black belt and tear them apart on the field. Don't bother talking to them when you're off. (Grab a hot dog instead.)

Probably the most annoying thing about those groups is the ones that get described as "the nicest guys off the field". I'm sorry, but your personality doesn't change with the flip of a switch. You're pretending to be nice guys, in order to have your ******* bonus-balling overlooked on the field.
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