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I'll try that reg.

Anyone got a bench vice and 60 feet of string I can borrow?

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Originally Posted by splattttttt View Post
13 cu. in.3000psi input tank with jdsairman HPA regulators installed just don't over pressurise to 4.5k psi though
On a related note, I was thinking of getting one of these 3000psi output regs and putting it on a 68ci bottle, for refilling my 13/3000 on the go. Any ideas how well this would work, or should I get 60 feet of string, also?
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I'm embarrassed to admit but I actually ordered the reg.

I still have all my fingers. Despite that it does work, it is clearly evident that it was made as cheaply as possible with the cheapest parts. Output was 1200PSI but refresh rate was horrible. It is another proof of you get what you pay for. It is currently being used as paper weight.

Motho, I've been trying to do the same thing. I need something that I can quickly fill by 13ci tank without carrying a scuba around. But never could figure it out. If you find out how, could you please let me know...

The closest thing I found is this picture but nobody knew the fitting.

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I've tried something similar but if I remember correctly you will not get that many good fills from it even though you will use a bigger tank with a higher capacity pressure. It's the same reasons fields will use 2 tanks to do fills. I don't know the science behind pressures. You can always try to link up the 2 tanks with on off asa's.
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