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Patent Questions

Hey, so I'm just trying to see if anyone here can save me whats proven to be difficult leg work answering some question.

I'm trying to figure out the current condition of certain patent covering paintball marker designs. The ones of interest are (and I'm not asking anyone to do leg work for me, but if they have bookmarks of the patent or knowledge of the situation surrounding them it would save me tons of time)

AGD - The Original Classic 68 Patent Filling, the current patents on the Xmag and Tac one system

Smart Parts - Original Impulse patent, original shocker patent, patent licensed to DLS, patents licensed/sold to KEE in liquidation.

BLAST - Classic Timmy Patent, Relevant Patents to older styme timmys, Patents covering the current 6th gen platform. (g6r)
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try that. I don't know how current it goes but there is a ton of useful infor there.
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AGD - the original patent has expired. Others can be found here.

The Smart Parts IP is all either owned by KEE or has expired for various reasons.

Bob Long never patented the Timmy stuff - I haven't been able to find anything for them in the patent system before the original Marq patent application - which is (I believe) almost worthless given several pieces of prior art (TFX, an unreleased gun from AGD from before the Mag was designed, and several others). Not sure if they tried anything from the G6 series though - not much patentable on it as far as I can see.

Try here too - my G-drive is not as well organized as the Rat's Nest, but it is much more current.
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