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Originally Posted by Zepulkinator View Post
Played there last year after SPE. Few of the Damage guys just had the fields to ourselves. Played the old "bust our brother out of jail but have to find our guns first" games and it was pretty fun until Gumby throws a knife at you....

Would be nice to have western themed guns. I know there are a couple 6 shooters around that actually have the rotating 6 shooter that you can either set up like speed rounds or add a spring feed that replaces your rounds. Jon has one. Trigger pull is no easy task if I recall.
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Originally Posted by Bored383 View Post
I find the venerable Splatmaster to be an excellent paintball equivalent of the classic Colt SAA . . . heck, the really early Splatties even click 4 times when you cock them

no need to have expensive, crazy custom rigs - and yes, they are super fun and amazing, so knock yourself out if you must - if you want to play Wild West style on the cheap then get yourself a brace of Splatmasters. Heck, even the action of cocking them is highly reminiscent of shooting a charcoal burning caplock revolver. And the whole idea of carrying multiple handguns is that the fastest reload is a 2nd gun . . . yes, not as stylish as charging down field with a gun in each hand - but a whole lot more practical

oh, and my tidbit for Splatmaster use - in my experience they shoot paint like Ultra Evil (and equivalent modern brittle paint) pretty damn well. The way the whole 'bolt' is put together on them makes it one big diffuser for the gas, and since the barrel slams back past the paintball I think it is easier on the paint also. Plus, you have to give the Splatty props - they were the first paintgun with a detent to prevent double feeding. So load them up with Ultra Evil and don't fret about shooting at 240fps - the paint will break when it hits someone!

just my $0.02, inflation adjusted.
Actually, I've managed to get my splatty shooting ~260 with the addition of a couple washers behind the mainspring. I use it all the time for indoor speedball, very few things are more satisfying than a splatty kill.
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I love some of the double barrel pump markers out there, very shotgun reminiscent. But I have to agree, that until some company like a KEE or Tippmann or whomever get on board with the idea, anything more than a stock class scenario isn't too practical.
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