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I play in jeans and a t-shirt. The only thing I pay good money for is masks, and even then it isn't that -much- money given how much better masks have gotten in the last ten years.
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I went through all the paintball jersey, pants blah blah blah.

I wear Dickies Pants for $22 a pair
I wear $10 walmart brown hoodie that looks like I am about to rob someone

I will however spend the money on arm, knee and chest padding.
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I'm a sweaty clumsy man that took far too long to realize that I should've been wearing padding and synthetics. I'm much happier and comfortable in my fancy soft goods.
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I actually enjoy buying softgoods. It's like tacticool dress-up.

I do have a problem finding pants that are worth the price. If I'm going to pony up $150 or so for paintball pants they need to provide impact protection as well as have adjustable ventilation. I've been inner-thigh-shot countless times and I demand more from my gear than a thin layer of nylon. From what I've seen PE distortion provide the best impact protection but they fall short of what I expect for the $.

Built in kneepads aren't a big draw for me. I have several excellent sets of kneepads the least of which(cheap Kuny's foamies) put the integrated units to shame. I prefer to wear my Race Face Flanks with shorts, weather permitting of course.
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The only thing I will spend large $$$ on is my camoflage set-up. The proper camoflage matched with the environment will give you the ability to stare directly into most players' faces and watch them continue on there way without giving a second look.

It's usually not more than $60 for the surplus soviet stuff, but gets stupid expensive when it comes to the replica WWII patterns.

Masks are also important, but my V-force Profilers haven't died on me and don't think they ever will. I also have a gas mask, but it's not exactly sealing with the beard I'm growing. I had forgotten how much I liked to breathe lol.
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Soft goods cheapskate right here. I tend to go with cheap surplus camo or black BDU cut pants. I tend to wear long sleeve camo t-shirts and/or my moisture wicking running shirts. My current "speedball jersey" is a long sleeved running shirt I got for doing a 10K for a local hospital's charity fundraiser.

I could/should get myself some new cheep knee pads as my old ones are worn out and my knees aren't getting any younger.
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I only ever buy and wear top notch camo gear meant for military use. i find that it resells at a decent rate, it is meant for abuse and has all the features a paintball pant has and then some (although those extra features arent needed for paintball...but zombies...then maybe)
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I'm a cheapskate. I bought my JT tourney pants used but in great shape, I got my gloves in a package I picked up (thought I have bought several pairs brand new when they are on for like $5 or $7 a pair). My profiler came in a package I picked up. Before that I was playing in jeans and a JT jersey I bought for $20 and using a cheap JAVA mask I bought brand new for i think $40 or so (it was the only thing at the time that would fit over glasses). I threw a brand new lens on my profilers so I knew the lens was good and there were no cracks or anything in the plastic so that was fine. All my SC soft goods I got in a package from here for $20 and I don't run the traditional pod pack but I do run a little flip flap style JT harness that holds 2 100rd pods. Looks newbie as hell but I don't care it does the job. Heck if truth be told I'd rather be looked at as that newbie with the pump gun and then rip some faces off when no one is paying attention to me

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I don't know, maybe I'm a fogey, but paint doesn't hurt that bad. I find that the amount of padded paintball gear specifically marketed with a sly wink towards 'this will make more shots bounce' strikes me as pretty much selling spec-made cheating equipment.

That's just me, though.
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I'm cheap all around. Never owned a Jersey, use any old moto gloves, or whatever I have. I finally got some paintball specific pants from my wife for Christmas a few years ago, and while I do use them, I'm not all that impressed. If I slide, my knees still hurt. I wear an old JT mask, but always pony up for a Thermal lens when I finally think mine is so scratched and has taken so many hits that I feel it's borderline unsafe and I usually play in old running shoes I have lying around. I think it may be that when I started playing everyone either wore jeans and a shirt or the "good" players typically had military surplus BDU's. anything else just seemed like hype from the speed ball arena that at the time I saw as killing the game I loved.
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