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Originally Posted by minimag03 View Post
I'm pretty sure the most expensive part of this will be the actual milling time, which could take a very long for one body. That time could have been spent making other parts, the price will reflect the amount of money they could make from those other parts if they would have been running them instead of the body. That's how Larry at AKA explained it to me, so I'm guessing the same would relatively apply to Lapco too. I'm gonna say they will be around $400-$500.
If it's that expensive, I'd probably be out. I understand that the milling is the most expensive part, and I dont think it's going to be $120. But $400 for just a body...even a Twister...little too rich for me.
Originally Posted by Floundah View Post
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Me too. I had a hard time giving AKA that much for a new Merlin, but it comes with a frame, valve, and a bunch of other stuff that this doesn't. I'm just saying that Larry told me, the same might not apply for Lapco. Lapco isn't known for exactly being "cheap" though, but I'd love it if they ended up being around $250.
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2k front and back
Pblock or normal, all black matchmilled.
full body
a wire detent with match milled cover, like on a merlin ( I know the cover is dream and costly)
ego or I do like bobs marq7 style feednecks, built in with a wedge, super low.
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How about a matching pneumatic shroud cover?
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I personally hope the frontblocks are milled down so much that a shroud wouldn't even fit it.
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Yea, i was hoping no more than 300 if possible.
Alsohoping for raw body
as much metal milled off as possible, a nice light cocker would be cool
also something a bit more updated on the feedneck.

Just keep it simple to keep the price down, if that means not doing a front block or making the front block and back block "optional" so be it.

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P block.. mini.. ccm feed neck... wire detent.. 2k spec... regular internals. Not trilogy style..

Imagination right feed!! ;-)
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2k spec, pblock, matching front block and va milling, wire detent, ccm threaded feedneck. I'd love to see these be sold raw so thhat each one is unique to it's owner. Personally if I were building another sniper I could pay $250 or so for a body. I'd also love different breech options like an xmag where all you swap is the breech for left right center etc. Also something 2013 mcb twister run as THE Hulk posted below

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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
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aka feedneck
2k spec
Matching front/back block/asa
standard cocker detent
full length
center feed
something to denote as mcb2013 Twister run
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I personally love the convertible idea. Saves weight and looks different from the originals.
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