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doesn't wordpress get hacked every few days?
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Originally Posted by Harbinger[TG] View Post
doesn't wordpress get hacked every few days?
-No, like most websites, it's constantly being hacked.

Just like Google has their "spiders" running 24/7 that check links and look for new content to catalogue, hackers have scripts running constantly looking for vulnerabilities.

Post a new Wordpress blog but don't update to the absolute latest build? Whoops, one of those scripts finds it and exploits the vulnerability, sometimes even infecting the server it's hosted on. (The main reason for that particular sort of hacking.)

When somebody's blog gets "hacked", what you're seeing is really just the one successful hack out of literally thousands of attempts.

My first "real" online store was self-hosted (we had our own domain, hosted on GoDaddy or the like) and used a prebuilt store template that we modified. And we had to modify a LOT, not just for appearance and layout, but to close an endless number of security vulnerabilities that had been found between when the template was written and when we actually used it.

When your site has a method for customers/visitors to enter information (like a shopping cart, or a comments section, or a forum) there are also, inevitably, ways for clever types to enter information that can access other parts of your software as well- IE, 'hacking'.

That first store was up for over a year, and during that time, we had to patch or update at least weekly, sometimes once every couple of days. Even then, it still got taken down and the main page replaced by some jihadi site once (that's not even a joke) and twice hacked to serve/spread malware so it got blocked by Google.

My current setup isn't the greatest (high-quality domain hosting but outdated, static HTML site, old, no-frills forum hosting, quick-and-dirty generic store, etc.) but it works, and unfortunately I really don't have the time or skills to do it all up the way I'd like to.

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Originally Posted by pk5 View Post
I don't think you guy are addressing his original question or his need for those that keep insisting on a fancy or decent website. The thing is Ken does not stock a lot of item, nor is he expanding/manufacturing item and keep them instock to sell on a daily basis. He does have items here and there, but he is not a full manufacture. For what KPCS does, I don' think a website is necessary, not unless he is planning to focus more time and develop it into a full business where he make/sell stuff every day.

In paintball, especially for custom shop, customer services and answering question is a lot more important than having a website that doesn't do much. Apoc was looking into developing and selling the R7 and the Falcon, and I am sure Dex helped a lot to get the site to where it is at today. Does KPCS have the resources or the time/money to invest in a site? I think time would be better spend answering question instead of just to make another site and throw it out there.

CCM doesn't need a website either, they have a backlog of guns waiting to be build. If the business is already happy with where they are at and doesn't want to expand beyond what the market can support, is there even a point of having a fancy site? If you think CCM cost is expensive, try to make one and see how much time, machinery, and material you have to invest in a gun.
I think we did. It is all a matter of what the target is and the preference. If you are doing this more for a hobby and past time and maybe earning some extra cash....then FB and forums and such are fine. I know I have always tried to maintain a position that if you are looking to be professional and seek to open your audience up to people outside of familiar people then a website is a must.

Custom work is by definition a very closed group of people for a target audience, and things like related forums and FB pages can provide enough visibility to keep one busy with custom work. But if one expands and wants to get into standards and providing other items and things of that nature you have to change that up. If your audience shifts from custom work for seasoned people and moves to anyone and everyone interested then you have to think of how are they going to find you. And websites becomes the answer.
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