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Tipping on Paypal

I have been tipped about $2 on three or four paypal sales. I ask for $x shipped and get $x+2. Is there a name or origin known for this practice? It definitely creates goodwill. Is this just an MCB pay-it-forward type of thing?
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I have done that when I make a low offer expecting to negotiate some and it is accepted right off.
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I was just happy to get such a good deal, and a fast response, at 1 AM none the less.
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I'll normally do it for stuff under like $10 just to make it worth it to go to the post office. I know I always appreciate it. Normally just little stuff though.
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Somebody once bought me a beer through paypal because they found my advice helpful. I found it odd, but I didn't turn it down either.
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I've done it when asking a lot of tech questions about how to set up what I was buying. I really appreciated the time the seller took to answer and explain things so I added a few dollars.
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I do it all the time on low priced items.
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I always try and add what would be roughly half of paypal fees or all if its a small item. It isnt much extra and helps the seller get a few more bucks out of his item. Good Karma is always a good thing too!
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I typically add 3% to the purchase amount. This, generally, covers the fees charged by pay-pal.

Although the buyer is never expected to cover pay-pal fees and isn't supposed to be asked to do so, I appreciate it when people do it for me in my sales, and so I pass the favor on when I'm the buyer.
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I've done it a few times when a seller has gone out of his/her way to strike a good deal, ship quickly, or just speaks properly/respectfully to me.

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