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Originally Posted by gmore70 View Post
The number 1 cost is land. Same for both sports.

The number 2 cost is labour. All the AS games I have seen on a pay to use field have a ref. There is no way any actuary or underwriter would provide any insurance on a pay to use AS field without supervision. You also have management labour costs, not just the field manager, you have bookkeeper, etc. So same for both sports.

The number 3 cost is facilities and field. Not just the initial build, but ongoing costs.

Then if you take away the fact the field owners dont have to stock paint - which is the number 1 profit centre for any field, you just killed any business plan to back AS as a financial viable sport at its current price. Remember, pb fields make their money and pay their bills based on the marked up pb balls. Entrance fees on most fields are not the profit centre.

So your argument backs what I am saying. BBs will have to go up in price to cover the overall costs which will stay the same.

As for crowds, yup, thats what I said AS is connecting in the 1st person video game aspect...PB is missing that boat. That is why AS is growing, but that will not mean AS will be cheaper.

HPA does cost, be relative to the cost of land, insurance, labour, management and facilities its relatively minor cost.
Yes, there is a reason there are very few commercial airsoft only fields. Building and maintaining a decent infrastructure and all the overhead of running a field can't be covered by admission only unless the price to play were to increase dramatically.

As it is, most paintball fields that charge prices considerably higher than what outlaw paintball costs, still aren't able to supply a topnotch product. Airsoft is that much easier to play outlaw (there is very little residual "mess" left after the playing is done), therefore to convince airsoft players to pay enough to make a commercial field viable is very difficult. But as an add-on to a commercial paintball field, airsoft customers don't have to pay for all the overhead. Most of it has already been covered by the paintball portion of the business.

Airsoft really attracts two major types of players the way I see it. There are the GI Joe wannabes, who get just as much out of playing dress up with realistic gear as they get out of playing tag, and then there are those that feel paintball is too intense and/or physically uncomfortable. Either way, it's a different demographic than traditional paintball players, so from a field's perspective, it is drawing from a much bigger customer pool.

It's sort of like Toyota adding pickup trucks to their product line. Truck buyers and car buyers widen the customer base and since Toyota was already in the vehicle manufacturing business, adding tucks to their line up made perfect sense.
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BBs are MUCH cheaper and dont have shelf life like paint.
Do BB's have a shelf life?
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Bio bbs do.

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