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Originally Posted by cdrinkh20 View Post
Those of you with capless joyrides--the only reason I didn't go for it is I was worried I'd spill half my paintballs trying to get them out and around.

What's your experience?
It's a lot easier than it looks to get them out and into the gun. Once you do it a couple of times it becomes second nature. My first outing with the joyride I think I spilled some here and there, I don't remember losing more than a couple at a time, but it gets better with practice.

As others have said, I recommend a dump pouch with it. Pbmafia makes a nice one. I found personally that trying to get the tubes back into it was hard and a waste of time. Pouch solves all of that.

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I sometimes use a lightweight dove hunting vest that I camo'd.....

the rear game bag makes an awesome dump pouch.

similar to this except the pouches are elastic:
R&D - Dove Hunting Vest

I have an G.I. molle vest....that I have yet to use.... but the tubes do slide in the molle loops snugly.

for quick games, a shotgun shell belt pouch

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I've used my WTF stalker vest a lot lately and have to say that it is amazing. While it is cool up here in the great white north right now, I don't foresee the vest being overly hot in the summer here for 3 main reasons.

1) There is no back to the vest, it is completely open which leaves my whole back an area to vent and breath.

2) Mine has the 3D airmesh backing. It looks like it will breath well and also feels comfortable.

3)The vest portion is actually relatively small. It reminds me of a handgun (pistol) shooting vest my dad bought me as a kid. It only covers the man boob area of my chest (pectorals) and then the tubes hang down to above my belly button (navel). This also allows a great degree of freedom in terms of movement.

Since I can hold up more than 14 tubes it's versatile for any play style. Keep it fully loaded for scenarios or just bring 4 tubes for walk on games.

It has places for 12ies and your squeegee. I feel like the dudes at WTF really thought this sucker out.

And as for having the hard parts on your back vs your front I find I just don't get shot where the tubes are a lot. That area is normally kept safe behind a bunker. When I come out to shoot I don't like sticking my nipples in the wind. That's just risky. The few shots on the shoulder area/upper chest space where I have been shot have been bounces due to I believe the airmesh backing making it thicker.

Just my 2 cents. Hopefully this helps someone out. Here's some winter fun pics. Sorry if they're a bit big.

Originally Posted by Crimson Death View Post
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I ran my stalker in the fall here in Missouri with temps in the high 80's and it was pretty hot upfront on the man boobs. You can't beat it for the stuff you can carry with it though and I too have also gotten some bounces from hits above the 12ies. All vests restrict airflow, including the stalker, but its the best one I've used yet.
Originally Posted by BigOldSkool View Post
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Manning: you are right about the breathing restriction. Minimal often not noticed but still somewhat there sometimes. Also, ain't no heat like Missouri heat!
Originally Posted by Crimson Death View Post
I'm waiting for Walz. If you're going to do something do it right.
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I also recently snagged a couple of the Kingman Training Utility Belts (damn I wish they had a Bat-arang attachment). They won't hold a full 10-round tube. but if you cut the tube down to 7-round length, they're supposed to fit (I haven't cut any tubes yet). I mainly bought them because they were fairly cheap and I wanted something with less capacity than the Doc Nickel pack for walk-on play. I'm hoping the flaps will fit tightly enough to not need caps on the tubes.
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Hmm maybe I can strap these to the inside of my arms...

also this stuff came up in my recent searches. Easy pull capped tubes?
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Doesn't using 10rd/12g's with some fancy "rig" pretty much suck the fun out of doing so in the first place?

Shotgun belt + pant pockets. Done.

I'll stick some tubes in my hydration pack, but that's mostly for refit between games.
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I run a shotgun belt bandolier style across my chest with a fanny bag for a drop pouch. I've gotten so used to the tube placement I don't know if I could adjust to a PbMafia Joyride or WTF Stalker vest
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For larger games, I run a WTF Puller. For smaller ones, I sewed stock class loops onto a couple of pairs of pants. The loops on the thighs are probably my favorite method.
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