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^Have you used it yet??
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I'm a decent player with a pump, though that is debatable after this weekend, but put an electro in my hands and... instant idiot.
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Originally Posted by Diomedes View Post
^Have you used it yet??

Though this is actually my bro...but we've each played a full day with it atleast once...lots of fun (moreso now that we have more than one clip!)
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I have not had a problem when I switch from my phantom that I play with to my old 98custom. The thing I do notice is that semi auto feels like cheating some times. Not that it is but, the options shooting semi opens up when you are used to a restricted style of play seems so unfair.

I normally switch to the tippman during the last couple of games to make sure I use up the 500 rounds I got at the start of the day. Whether I actually get more people out with a semi, I couldn't say. I sure do feel like a god though slinging the pitiful ropes that a 98C can. Makes me wonder what an electro would feel like.
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2 weeks ago I was out playing some rec ball and in 5 hours with my pump I went through about 400-450 rounds. The last game was a game of Hyperball so I broke out my Proto, in a less than 5 minute game, I went through about 500 rounds (I was playing the back position). Trigger discipline, because earlier in the day I had played Hyperball with my pump (not playing the back position) and I didn't even go through my modded VL200 (holds about 140), so what I'm saying is when I can go happy with the trigger I do which is the main reason I use my pump 99.9% of the time!
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I tend to play more aggressive with my sniper than with my other markers. I chalk it up to - its hard to 1 ball players from far away, so I close distance to make it easier.

That said, I dont tend to shoot much more paint with my semis. I can normally get by with a bag in a day of rec play regardless of which marker I pull out.
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I tend to play with pocket hoppers or tac-caps with all of my guns, semi or pump. I've been playing Semi a lot, not for the fire power but just for the open bolt and detents so I don't get as many stupid roll-outs.

Yeah yeah, I can get tighter bored barrels or do the tape mod but I shouldn't have to. I should just be able to point my barrel in any direction I want without being afraid of losing the shot.

I've also shot enough crappy paint over the years to prefer overboring to underboring to reduce the breakage, despite the efficiency difference. I used to shoot my automags with 48x3000 tanks in outlaw ball with no access to fills and did just fine. Still do just fine, I just have 45x4500 tanks now.

This season, I've been considering building myself some quality stick feeds to go even more limited but I'll probably still be rocking them on semis more often than pumps.
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Originally Posted by K_Obeastly View Post
I'm a decent player with a pump, though that is debatable after this weekend, but put an electro in my hands and... instant idiot.
i can run a semi for maybe 1/2 a game before I feel the sloppies starting to set in. The last dozen times I brought a semi with me I had the bet intentions of playing one all day or at least for a few games.. and every time I couldn't wait to bag it after the first game. mostly because they bore me.. but also for get rid of the sloppies.
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