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Oh Golly Gosh this thread is full of chuckles.
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Originally Posted by slyman920 View Post
also so when you say its worth what some is willing to pay. that means the next time you post a sale we will say it is a karnivor and every one offers you 20 dollars thats what its worth then. even know you are asking a fair price we will say 120 obo. but in retrospective you paid full price of 1000 brand new. you look around and realize 2/3 of thoose people are also selling karnys for 600 dollars. so yes my piont was that people need to ask a fair price and expect a fair price in return. not $5 off what they paid for it 5-10 years or how ever long it has been.
I think I see your point that people shouldn't ask for a ridiculous price on stuff but I don't see the point in ranting about it. It happens, and the market corrects it. If someone asks a high price for something, nobody buys it unless they lower the price, problem solved. No need to get all worked up about it.

If you see a price you don't like don't buy it, it's that simple. There is no X(original value) - Y(degradation/age) = Z(resale value) formula for paintball markers that EVERY single marker will fit into. No need to rant about it or send a strongly worded email to a seller about what the "real" value of their marker is.

Your argument is akin to saying all car dealerships need to do a better job of pricing their cars and the whole car resale system is flawed after you see one dealer selling a used Pontiac Fiero with 180K miles for $20K.
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value is almost always set by what the customer is willing to pay, especially in a forum setting such as this. You usually can't walk into a store and demand a lower price than what they're asking, but they've also done a decent job at pricing things to where people are willing to pay the money.
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In the past I have PM'ed a seller to let them know a price may be high. Its usually a new person, or someone who has been out for awhile. For example, guy had a SP-1, stock and was asking $150ish. After several days of him bumping his own thread, I POLITELY PM'd him and let him know the reason it was not moving was the price was a little high, as you can get them on ANS for less, and how much I have seen them go for, as I have a couple myself. I also told him he can ask whatever he wants for it, and most times sellers are responsive to this.
BUT I only comment on things I know and are familiar with.And only im PMs, NOT in the thread!!!!
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The sad fact of the matter is that plenty of suckers are willing to overpay for used markers. For that matter plenty of suckers are willing to overpay for new markers.

MCBs BST isn't as bad as say... CL. Still I see enmeys and hammer 7s priced within a fin of retail, after shipping you may as well walk into the retail shop and purchase the fresh. Perhaps these blokes just like to haggle.

Paintball participation isn't growing as quickly as the stock of new and used markers. Give it some time, eventually the "collectors" will begin to hemorrhage their not-so-rare pieces.
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