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Originally Posted by Murf425 View Post
Regarding covering your butt with a simple "as is/no returns accepted", both on Ebay and on forums, I have to say that, anytime I see that (especially when it's bolded in bright red text), it automatically sets off my This Product Is Broken filter and I don't even consider buying it. Maybe it's just me being old-fashioned and all, but if a seller feels the need to make it THAT clear that under no circumstances, none whatsoever, will he accept a return on the product, then I assume it's because he knows it's effed up and is, to bring the whole thing back around, just covering his butt on a shady sale. If the product is quality and you are confident in that fact, there's no need to go all used car salesman on it with disclaimers and stipulations.

I tend to walk this path also.

MaD, don't get me wrong; in every other aspect of life, I agree the high road is the path of least resistance for a long stress free life. I truly despise hoodlum like behavior. Being a buyer 99% of the time, I don't mind paying above fair market if it's something I want, I'll play that game; but those instances brought me good products. It's the a-holes, buyers and sellers, that are in it to intentionally screw someone over that bugs the ever loving poo-poo out of me.
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I haven't used ebay in what feels like 10 years now. Avoid at all costs. It has become the WalMart of the internet. Trash people sell up there now.
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I just realized today that I haven't sold anything on Ebay since 2004. I still buy plenty of stuff, though. Pretty much only new stuff, from stores, with BIN options. I hate bidding wars.
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I haven't been on EBAY in years, one way or the other and I'm a happier person! Back in the day, it was great, then it turned into a profit machine among other things and I moved on... MCB's buy sell has really done great by me for the few transactions I do a year.
Originally Posted by Scougar View Post
I still don't get the obsession with pump, as I love paintball in any form nowadays, I just can't tolerate cheaters and morons with a gun who think the objective is to cause as much pain as possible.
Emotional pain.

Originally Posted by yigs View Post
I have sat here pumping away for the last five minutes to my gfs confused face
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