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Anyone who claims to be a good player should be able to shoot both righty and lefty. It took me a LONG time before I could should decent with my left hand, but it's well worth the effort. How else are you suppose to stay tight coming out of the left side of the bunker? Just watch the pro's if you need to be convinced!
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Originally Posted by pintbuster View Post
I am right handed, but left eye dominant. When shooting around the left side of a bunker I use the same right handed grip, but switch the tank to my left shoulder. It took a bit to figure it out, but now seems natural.
s'up cross dominant buddy ?

If I have to peak out the left side of a bunker, I will usually keep a right handed grip on my marker, but will rotate it counterclockwise 90degrees (essentially gangstah gripping) but will keep my left hand in the normal relative position on the pump handle and then just line my head up behind it. Looks a bit odd, but works well for me when I'm running stock class.
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Yes and no. I am left handed but shoot right handed. However, in my firearms courses in the academy when we were told to shoot with my weak hand I did much better than the others in the class whose hand was "more weak". This creates other LEO problems tactically though....I digress.
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Back to paintball.
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I can't shoot crap with my left, I usually do some weird angle with my guns that let me use my right on my left (SC guns that let me chamber a round so it'll fire from any angle. Looking at you guys though, I'd best start learning.
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i shot long guns with my left side and pistols with my right hand when i was a kid, ever since i got into paintball and starting shooting bolt action rifles again i learned all over again to do it with my right side and now it doesnt which side im using.
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I can shoot a pistol left-handed, but that ain't gonna happen with a long arm or a paintball gun. Can't do jack left-handed.
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I shoot both hands. Even with a 1-point sling on stocked markers, I have enough slack to be able to switch shoulders without being hindered
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I shoot rifles left handed....I dont think I could shoot a left handed rifle (havent tried though). I use a bolt action as well. I have taught myself to shoot markers both handed. I dont shoot much pistol. I play hockey right handed. Other wise I am all the way lefty.
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I *can* shoot a rifle left-handed, if I remember my target practice long ago. Not as good, but I can. Pistols, I doubt it.

The way I play and like my markers set up, I don't even need to switch hands to play. This requires a drop-forward or a back-bottled marker. I *hate* having a tank poke me in the chest whenever I move.
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Originally Posted by fog View Post
I was taught to shoot long guns by my bros. Who are lefties so a shootem lefty but handguns i fire righty ( this also applies to pb markers) well this makes me ambidexterous and is a HUGE help playing
PB anyone else weird like this ??

questions?,comments?,statements ?

I am left eye dominant. I used to shoot prone smallbore comp in school lefty, shotguns I fire mostly lefty, handguns righty with a slight cant.

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