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Originally Posted by shredxcam View Post
Running and gunning is easier with a long setup
I tend to disagree with that. My logic being, hold a phone book at arms length and run with it, now hold it close to your body and do the same thing. Can you hold wieght better close to you or further away? That is of course with out the ancor point of the tank in your shoulder so it's not a flawless example.

Oh and currently only have drops on two of 30+ guns, I just run a smaller tank now. No longer need a bigger tank, I couldn't go through a case in a day to save my life, I've tried.
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I have long arms, so a long setup is more comfortable for me.
I also think its alot more stable when snapshooting and running-and-gunning.

To each his own i gues
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depends on the marker for me
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Drops are not gimmicks, I still use them since I have short arms. I put them on markers for my 12 year old daughter to use for the same reason.
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I like a drop forward in woodsball. I've had a lapco drop on my cocker since I've had it. I ran a 45/45 on it as well. Not for a large tank, not for a short marker(I ran a 14" barrel with apex on it usually) . I just liked the way it balanced in my hand better and I felt like I could move the marker around better with it. For speedball, I didn't like it. It just felt awkward when playing super tight.
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wait a year or two for vogue to change? =)

in a more serious tone - trends come and go - but to each his own - some like - some don't - some don't care - I fall into the 3rd category.

I have some markers with
some without

I use what I feel like using

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i still run drops on my markers. well, that or a remote line. my 68/4500 tank with a 2x2 drop on my trilogy pump fits me perfectly. i was never comfortable with a long setup.
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