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Originally Posted by Venarius View Post
I never said entry level loadout. That figure could be anybody's loadout more or less. But Lets go with the lower number (for entry level) shall we?

Cheap HPA tank = $~50-100
Mask = $50-100
Revvy = 25
Clothes = 50-100 (a new set of fatigues runs 100)
Shoes (you don't care about getting dirty) = 25 (my Search + Rescue boots ran $115 but I can use them on duty)
Squeegie = 10

Now we're up to $210-310. That leaves you about $190-290 for an entry level marker...and I'd say that's a pretty standard entry level loadout...

For a player to fully equip himself costs $500-1500 reasonably (that extra $1000 is for players who equip themselves with high end guns like a Dye Dam or new Ego.)
On the contrasting side of what you could get for that $500 :

VSC 45 Phantom : $288 brand spanking new direct from CCI
Bucket of 12 Grams : $50 or 4.5oz Co2 tank : $15
Stock class harness : $35-40 depending on style
Good mask : $50-100
Cargo pants, t-shirt : $20 (wal-mart)
Work boots : $35
Squeegees : 4/$4

That's a bit more than I actually spent getting back into the sport, but then I bought my Phantom pre-loved and don't feel any real need for special clothes to play paintball in. If I was actually outfitting someone just starting out in semi, it'd run 'em quite a bit less. Swap the Phantom and co2 for a Tippy 98 and a 48/3000, cut at least $150.

That said? It's still less all together than you'd pay for say, a PS3 and a couple games. Doesn't scratch a decent basic gaming computer build without any games. Hell, I think the only sport I enjoy that's cost me less initial investment is fishing.

Originally Posted by heinous View Post
you say it like tournament is the only way to play paintball.

you don't need a new gun every year just to play. if you really need a new gun every year, buy a ****ing phantom it's $200 every year.
Be careful buying Phantoms. They are addictive.
"Electric paintball guns are a good way for kids to support their local field by buying so much extra paint."

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Originally Posted by mastercoo View Post
How would the industry stay afloat without a large portion of fields and the events that keep people playing? Without fields there wouldn't be renters, and without renters there would be a significant decrease in paint consumption. Without tournaments most of the marker manufacturers would stop producing markers for that segment. With gear becoming more expensive due to increased legal costs to manufacturers and places to play becoming more scarce most scenario and milsim players would just play airsoft instead. Thus the death of the sport.

I don't worry about the paintball industry. There wasn't much of a paintball industry in the '80s when I first played but the game was at least as much fun then as it is now. I bet the cottage industry manufacturers wouldn't see any slump in their sales either.

If paintball as a collective hemorrhages players that prefer extreme events then I'm willing to sacrifice some venues and vendors as an externality of improving the game. More isn't necessarily better.
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look at this guy in that final battle
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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
The game wouldn't die, though if it resulted in a large exodus of the average dbag players I for one would welcome it.
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Soooooo.... was the video ever uploaded? I really wanted to see it. lol

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I not going to put it out there. There is enough bad behavior showing up without promoting it on my youtube channel.

I still need to put together some footage from that event. I've just been too busy with other stuff. Summer is crazy around my house.
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I finally got around to editing that video because a bunch of friends kept asking me about it and wanted to see it...

I put it on my bliptv account, so unless someone has the link, it isn't easily found as I'm not in the bliptv "search" feature on their site (they only put "big" shows in their searchable content...).

I used a lot of the input here, to put this one together... What do you think?...

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Ya sorry but from watching that you're hardly in the right, you made the choice to put yourself in a very bad position. Even an experienced player when getting shot at from behind in an assumed safe area will turn and yell their team color assuming a friendly shot at them. Not only that but most experienced players don't feel a hit and instantly call out, you get safe and check yourself or be checked unless you're getting lit. Fight or flight, be lucky they chose flight becuase I know several teams that have a fire then check policy and you would have been toast. More over you made the decision to shoot at a player that called themselves hit, unless they ran up to a live player and try to point out your position you don't put another round at a declared player. You shot 2 guys, clearly heared a "HIT" call and put another ball down range, twice. You can't dictate the speed at which a player leaves, it would be nice for them to leave right away but you created a situation of confussion.
Honestly though, I wouldn't have taken that shot unless they drew down on me, chances are they wouldn't have given you much of a second thought since you were right next to their base unless you have the band on your mask, facing them. If they would have drawn down on you and asked your color, take the shot but you got ansy and popped first.

As far as labeling cheaters, you're way out of line, they didn't play on or thru the hit, didn't yell "BLUE OVER HERE!" or light you up. You put yourself in a compromising situation and continued to add fuel by firing and yelling at the player. Sorry but that's my obeservation.
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Personally, I'd let your friends see it then take it down. As I see it, the situation was fueled by adrenaline and confusion. He was man enough to come up afterwards and apologize. I'd let it go and let bygones be bygones.

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After watching the video I think you acted like an *** in this case, and are making it worse by posting this months later.
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