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Originally Posted by Frizzle Fry View Post
Who's making the marker? Both GI Sportz and Kingman have quit. I may be wrong, but I believe Splatmasters are the only production .50cal "marker" at this point and that's a stretch of the word.
Here's a conversion kit that's just come out. BBCS Preview PAINTBALLINNOVATIONS.COM
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Looks like a full barrel length .50 cal Freak/Bolt.

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Originally Posted by capitalpaintball View Post
If 50 cal had been done properly , they would have stuck to mag fed guns and pistols. it would have been easier to make a more "realistic" rifle, and we could have started dragging the airsoft players back into paintball. but instead they tried to replace 68 so it was resisted by most.
As a store I would have gladly carried 50 cal paint for 50 cal rifles and pistols.
it would have been great for when people come in asking for airsoft, I could say "no we don't carry airsoft but try these 50 cal guns, they realist and shoot better then airsoft"
I second manning's Bingo. This is what I was trying to say!

But EVEN now, taking a shot at a market of unknown size that's a ghost town is long term smarter than pumping another item into a huge but oversaturated known market.

People are paying the price of a tipx for gogglestraps out there!!

Doc provided me the data. He was offering working free for part of it, so double the price, for 4,000 a company could pay their version of Doc to make a pistol. A single prototype. They could carry it around and ask their customers they trust if they would buy it. If people said whooopeee yes! They could make them and have a money tree-even if it's a little bonsai money tree. If everybody held their nose at the stink, they're out 4 grand and they KNOW!
Those prototypes have not been made. They don't exist yet, they still could.

I've heard rumors of tippmann and tiberius being connected and it disagrees with everything I've seen. It would be sad if true that nothing was being done to take advantage of it instead.

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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