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Originally Posted by Bow View Post
Airsofters this one time at SPEW.

Next up has to be rabbits.
I remember those beasts....
Originally Posted by Wraith View Post
If you can't be bothered to pick up your 12 grams, you don't deserve to be playing on a field. You have pockets. Use them.
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Deer pretty much ignore us until we chase them away. I've had one bear come through the field just after we closed. Haven't seen a cougar yet, but found a fresh deer carcass a couple of hundred feet from the boundary of one of our fields that had obviously been done in by a cougar.
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Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
Me as well. Somebody coulda slipped on the damn thing and twisted their ankle.

When we play up at Bacci Mountain above Guerneville, we're in the middle of bear country.

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Originally Posted by Axel View Post
I'm surprised that snakebites aren't more of a problem in the sport. Who checks their bunkers for rattlesnakes before sliding into them?
We don't have any venomous snakes here. So we don't care. We have had signs of Timberwolves (tracks and droppings), almost ran into a black bear with a four wheeler at our entrance, brush wolves, deer up the wazoo, grouse with babies, moose tracks once.
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skunk, zack/stockman almost stepped on it. It was on its hind legs standing upright and wobbling. Probably rabid or something, it never ran away, just sat there and really didn't even look at us.
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Rabid racoon. I wasn't there, but it wandered into the middle of the staging area in broad daylight, stumbling around. A local police officer was playing that day, got everyone well clear, then shot it.
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Had some deer on our field a few weeks back, could see 3 or 4 just chilling by a pond. before the game started there were a few guys taking shots in the other direction, surprisingly they stuck around that is until the game started then we saw about 6 or so dart into the bush and take off.

we have an on going gopher problem at our field, some courses you have to be mindful of where you step so you don't twist an ankle stepping into a gopher hole.

at a recent big game I jumped into a tree bunker and watched a garter snake slither away.
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Originally Posted by elraido View Post
We don't have any venomous snakes here. So we don't care.
Are you sure about that?
I saw a very large timber rattler at Devil's Lake, WI once.

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Well, while playing in a scenario game I slid up to one of the discontinued tanks. It was just a car with a turret on top and I decided to climb in... When I get in I'm in the drivers seat and I hear mewing. I look in the back and there was a litter of kittens just there. We got them off the field and they were taken care of I'm not certain if they were given away or what though.

Another time I heard mewing from the staging area. Turns out a cat had climbed a tree and fallen into the bottom of a black pipe and couldn't get out because it's just plastic. Lifted it up and that cat took off faster than a bat out of hell.

Have seen a panther track and a scorpion once or twice. Pretty much all Florida critters other than Deer, as far as I'm aware, have been on the field.
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Originally Posted by pizzaluvr View Post
Skiddish is an Elliot Spitzer, if you will.
Most people don't know that skittish is the proper spelling for "jittery". Don't believe me... Look it up.
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Saw a cow on a woodsy recball field @ Sherwood Forest in Vallejo, CA.
Rabbits, mice, & snakes @ Davis PB in Davis, CA.
Snakes @ MTP in Spring Hill, TN.

All alive, btw.
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