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Aside from deer, the most interesting animal I've seen while playing was a very large wild turkey that suddenly exploded up from the leaves at my feet and flew along the treetops.

At Hiatt's Game on Paintball in New Market, TN there's a mating pair of fully grown black eastern kingsnakes on the field. The refs always make a point to tell people not to bother them as they do a good job keeping the copperheads away. I've had close run-ins with them several times.

Spotted all kinds of fun things while building/moving bunkers too.

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well I know there are bears around my field, I"ve seen plenty of tracks, they even chased one off one day. I'm surprised I haven't seen more. There was a grouse/pheasant nesting by the top bunker that flew out one attack and defend game. That was interesting.

We've seen deer, the usual small critters, I know there are plenty of small snakes around (garters, ringnecks, nothing dangerous) they are pretty easy to find under deflated bunkers on warm days. The best one however was finding a snapping turtle the size of a dinner plate just under one of the airball bunkers one morning. That would have been interesting.
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We can always hack and mold it the way we want it. This is MCB after all....
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Originally Posted by maggot View Post
Are you sure about that?
I saw a very large timber rattler at Devil's Lake, WI once.
100% sure. We only have two venomous snakes in MN. They are both down in the Winona area near the Wisconsin border...and they are both fairly rare to encounter. I am an hour north of Duluth, so I am a good ways away.

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Originally Posted by elraido View Post
100% sure. We only have two venomous snakes in MN. They are both down in the Winona area near the Wisconsin border...and they are both fairly rare to encounter.
Yeah, you're right (I looked it up afterwards), the timber rattler's territory doesn't go much further west than where I saw the one I mentioned. I was surprised b/c it's basically the same latitude.

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A litter of kittens beneath a pallet in a staging area, and that is about it.

Oh, and dogs love the taste of paintballs also (very close relative to bears). It is because they are just starch.
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