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Post Extreme Paintball: Beyond the Paint

Well, the first episode airs in 30 seconds (in my timezone, anyway), so I thought I would start a discussion thread for us to discuss this paintball television show!

Let the flaming on pro speedballers begin!

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What? Is there a paintball show now? Havn't heard anything about this, what is it?
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I never heard of it either (probably cause I don't watch tv). Google gave me this:

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Xtreme Paintball: Beyond the Paint,
a new series profiling the biggest personalities from the most popular
extreme sport in America, starts a 13-week run on FSN beginning on Tuesday,
October 2 at 4:30 PM local.
The innovative show takes paintball fans behind the goggles and into
the personal lives of men and women who play paintball at the highest
level. Produced by Winnercomm, Xtreme Paintball focuses half of its
attention on the fast-paced, intense, hyper-energetic professional
paintball competitions and half on getting to know the players. How did the
tobacco farmer from Maryland befriend the surfer boy from California? Is
the jet-setting bad boy going to be able to live under league rules for an
entire season? And what was the impetus behind the international male
supermodel deciding that the best thing he could do for his career was to
load up a paint marker and take out other players with thousands of balls
of paint?

Oh great, another reality show.
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Fsn ? i dunno if i have that hmmmmmmmmm

gotta find back NO FSN or Extreme pb fer me, i have brighthouse

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It's on my TiVo right now... hope I get to watch it tonight.

From what I understand, it is like a reality show / docu-drama about some of paintball's superstars.
Dragoons paintball team
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It's billed as a reality TV show. After watching it yesterday (I was home sick and laying on the couch anyway, so I gave it a look), I have to say that NO ONE in the NPPL knows what a reality show entails. They treated it more like Alex Fraige's 10 minutes on MTV Cribs, and then showed two games from the Boston NPPL game the rest of the time. Very disappointing. Any non-player watching left, I feel, more confused about paintball than when they went into the show, and as a player, I was bored: the game footage was poorly edited, and learned nothing about Fraige (who I knew nothing about before watching the show) except that he plays paintball, is a bit of an artist, and has a lot of expensive toys that he's somehow acquired thru playing paintball.

My thoughts on it. Anyone else actually watch it?
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