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Does anyone use a VL Revy on their "modern" marker?

Anyone out there rock a ViewLoader Revolution on your higher-end electronic marker? And does it work out well for you?
Trading for a Dangerous Power G5 and getting a 12v (w/ X-Board) with it. I haven't used one in yeeaars, can't recall how fast they are. But I plan on setting the ROF to 10.5 and semi.

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They've worked pretty well for me in the past, but I keep losing lids on the things for whatever reason, so I have none I can use at present. You should have no problem at 10.5 bps.
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I think 10.5 is supposed to be within the X-Board's capability. I do not, however, own one, and so this nothing but hearsay and rumor. Give it a try and let us know if the rumors are true.
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Clearly, Axel doesn't know what he's talking about.
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Higher feed neck will help keep 10.5

I've used my 9v revvy on my vibe Shoots good at 10 semi but a 9v doesn't keep up a solid stream
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I have done it before, I would rather use a force fed hopper. If its what ya got, then use it.
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I've used them on ep (if that's what you mean by "modern") with good results. 10.5 should be fine but then again uncapped should theoretically be fine. The g5's eyes should only let it fire as as fast as it's being fed.

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You can pick up Vlocities that will work much better than the revi for as cheap as $20.
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Last time i used a 12v revvy w/ x-board was on a spyder e-99. Kept up with that, and those advertised 13 bps on semi; however, i don't think i ever shot that fast, and probably still don't. I don't have fast fingers... not outside the bedroom, anyway. *ba-dum tsh*

Later on, i used an Empire Reloader II, which was just a sound-activated revvy (not to be confused with the Reloader B). Used that on a stock Ion mostly, and it did the trick.

The Reloader II shells were destroyed by a bunker shot w/ a hot gun (recball game, my bro-in-law was using the ion + hopper). Just recently transferred its guts into an old 9v Revvy's shells and took it for a test ride on a Gog Enmey a couple weeks ago, since i could outshoot the 9v revvy itself. The hybrid agitator worked oh so fine.

tl;dr - 12v revvy w/ x-board should match up very well with 10.5 bps max, in my experience.
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Revvys can handle 14bps with an Xboard and good batteries... Most tourneys/fields are capped at 12.5bps or lower, therefore it can meet any reasonable demand for feed rate on the field. Gentler on paint than a HALO or a Rotor, too...
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I use one on my Ego sometimes. Hasn't given me a problem but then I'm not ramping wth it. 10.5 should be fine.
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