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the spit thing is old... it's only minimally effective for diving/scuba/snorkel masks. generally an anti-fog spray is used (which primarily contains isopropyl alcohol and dish soap or something close to it), or a wipe-on, buff-off anti-fog paste. similar products exist for paintball, some of them are better than others of course... the best thing is a good lens system with dual pane and hydrophobic coating on the inner pane (which of course, you shouldn't touch with anything even lightly abrasive). to maximize the lifespan of thermal lenses you should wash with warm water, not super hot water, because it can promote separation of the lens panes (I've done it on an I4). best thermal lens systems include the Dye I4 and the Empire E-Flex.

PS, if you DO manage to separate your lens panes due to using too hot of water, or a manufacturing defect (fairly common), you can generally keep using the lens as long as you get any moisture out of between the panes, and seal it back up with silicone or an adhesive that won't attack the materials. to get the moisture out, you can use an alternating process of hot and cold air with blowdrier, along with shaking the lens wildly... the process will take about 30 minutes and it is a total pain in the ***. You could also just buy replacement lens
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Originally Posted by Melvin View Post
When you talk about your thermal lens, do you mean single pane "thermal" lens or dual pane actual thermal lens?

Also, which mask specifically?
Actual thermal lens

and they are vents avatars
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Originally Posted by DashHopes View Post
I'm sure it was someone on mcb that posted this before? But Band-Aids in your mask/goggles is supposed to work? He even says "It beats spitting in your goggles" lol.
Gonna try that next time I get a rain day, I keep band-aids on hand as part of my "oh golly that's a lot of blood" kit. I'll tell you guys how it goes.
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