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For me it was my Russian Legion Shocker NXT. Size your paint right and it feels great to do a "look and shoot."
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Originally Posted by Murf425 View Post
Back in college, it was my Sidekick Stock. Man, I never even had to think about aiming that thing. Throw my arm up, pull the trigger, and the ball hit the target almost every time. It was awesome.

(I miss that company. I still want a Sidekick Semi with a CA adaptor...)
Spot on there my friend.

Had the stock with the longer barrel (original was better).
Had the semi, too much work for what it was worth. Worked once, then pissed air all of the time.

We called it the "Hand Cannon". And man could it throw a ball. For example:
Gumby and I playing "Storm the fort". Gumbles is @ 10 feet in front of me and makes a shot at the fort with his phantom. Doesn't even make it to the fort. I fire, hits the fort and we swear there was wood splinters flying.
We could stand over the chrono all day and it would shoot 280 solid.

Since that is no longer, my go to is the mighty KP
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I agree with jdlarson11, I have had a lot of guns but my geo3 instantly became an extension of my arm. I have a hard time putting it down and playing with my S6 or phantom, both of which I love, because it feels so natural to use.
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My viking. I've owned two of them milled by DC, and I'll never sell this one.
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My S6 for pump play is just automatic. My Clone is just a dream to shoot and is ball on ball accurate, easily my favorite electro I have owned.
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Originally Posted by lmartin View Post
i think you will be fine. Fed Ex was always good to me until my wifes dog bit the driver. they usually don't avoid you unless they have a reason.
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G6r, first day out with it 1 hopper 7 G's in rec ball (I run a 50rd for rec)
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My Palmers Oak Pyre serial number PY008. Very little has been done to him since I received from Palmers. I even took a couple years hiatus and when I came back out all I did is put a little oil in the asa, screw a HPA bottle to it, add some paint to the hopper and headed to the chrono. First three shots [after a couple of dry fires to get oil to the internals] and the chrono said ~275fps for all, pretty much where I left it before the hiatus. Brass double vented barrel with wedgits is very UN-picky about paint. When I pull the trigger paint goes down range, what more can you ask. I have never been any happier with any of the multitudes of paintguns that have gone through my hands.

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RTP viper pistol with ccm t2 86 grip and pillage's wider grip panels and BOS pump handle.
First game and I got unsighted shot to land on a moving target while I was moving too. I just wanted it and the gun listened.

Not sure if that counts as "out of the box" though.
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The Phoonmatic Assist Pump that BigOldSchool built. I used it this past weekend for the first time. It felt like I was able to hit pretty much anything I was aiming at.
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S6. It's the only one I kept longer than 1 year ( currently own it for 2 now). And I have owned 58 guns to date
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