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I'd probably trade a Klondike Bar to get back a gun I wanted...
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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
I'd date a girl with a cocker.
Originally Posted by Slappadapink View Post
....bro, you just gave me a quarter chub.
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Funny you mention it, I am getting back a custom cocker I sold 5 years ago and never should have.
I messaged the guy on Ebay that I sold it to about once every year since I sold it. I lucked out and he's ready to get rid of it now!
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Post Whore
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Sold a nearly complete purple splash Mag with a CF MiniMag body that I would love to have back. Problem is I would probably end up selling it again since I was always afraid to play with it since it was in near perfect condition. Sold it to some guy on Ebay and it went to Canada. I have a sneaking suspicion it went overseas though.
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My unmilled 04 viking is the only marker I really kick myself over selling.
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It's weird, the common feeling is that the ones that have little monetary value seem to have the most sentimental value. With the exception of a few above, that seems to be the thought. For me, it's a Lightning sniper. Three years later and wiser, I really want it back. I have plans for it now but it was the smoothest sniper I've ever had and I miss it.
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My Tequila Sunrise Worrlock with ZeroB board and matching Kaner kit. I traded it for a Toxic Matrix 8 years ago and I haven't been able to track it down since. If anyone has seen it, I will do unspeakable things to have it again
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Old blue vision impulse w/ the gas through grip and big maxflow drop.
Bought it on craigslist for dirt cheap..

Strange impulse I coerced my dad into driving me up to the middle of nowhere in wisconsin to buy.. shot awesome too (another craigslist find)

I'd pay. $$$$$$$$$ for em back.
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Miss my FIRST mag. An original Vert Feed MiniMag I bought new. Sold it in favor of getting my current Powerfeed mag because it supposedly fed faster with a revy and barrels were easier to come by .

I'd prolly trade off my RT ULE Custom i built from scratch to get that old mini mag back.
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u/l'd DM5. Solid black w/ blue eye covers. Nothing special about it, i just really liked it. Liked it more than the dm6 & dm7.

Gen E Matrix. It was a brick, but so quiet & so reliable.

Spyder e-99. Upgraded to what was the pinnacle of e-spyders at the time (without something crazy like a spimmy or spump). Again, nothing special, but i had so many good days shooting that thing.
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To get back the VLM spyder I traded to a friend I bought a huge lot of parts & guns from him that included the VLM and all the parts for it. I kept what I wanted and sold off the rest guns and parts. Think I might have made 10$ after selling the parts and I got to keep the VLM for free.
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