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Originally Posted by Surf2Live View Post
My Tequila Sunrise Worrlock with ZeroB board and matching Kaner kit. I traded it for a Toxic Matrix 8 years ago and I haven't been able to track it down since. If anyone has seen it, I will do unspeakable things to have it again
Wow. You ****ed up.
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Originally Posted by Menso View Post
Wow. You ****ed up.
I know I've regretted it every day since
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Dr. says it will clear up
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On the bright side fella's I don't have a marker that I regret selling. This thread has convinced me to hang onto my shoebox that I have recently thought about parting with. Think I would miss it more that the money That could come from it.
Autocockers are not more accurate, I'm just more accurate when I shoot autocockers.
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My purple black T2 with "perfection" lasered on it. I missed it a whole bunch but my phantom has slowly grown on me
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got away? what do you mean, nothing escapes my marker vault.

Seriously I have never sold a single gun
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The only ones I really miss are the kapp flame matrix, the single trigger ironman matrix, my first classic automag, and a custom pump cocker.
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An upgraded purple cocker that is entirely no name, and no serial number, because I made the body as senior project in high school. If anyone in the Pittsburgh, PA area sees it floating around, feel free to message me. The sentimental value of the body alone can't be measured in dollars; and in fact, can't be measured in sexual favors either.
About what is all the shooting?
Need dm4/5/C parts? PM me.
Very interested in cheap SFT shockers and interested in a higher-capacity DYE pack.

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I didn't sell/trade it, I actually lost it when katrina hit in mississippi(literally lost it, probably thanks to looters). It was my scorpion. Basically a right feed spyder clone. I loved that thing, it was a tank. Long as hell drop forward, 12v revvy, expansion chamber, and a 20 oz. tank. Nothing overly special, but it shouldered perfectly, and never seemed to miss. I could put it through hell and it never complained.

I'd risk falling asleep on Mar's couch to get it back.

Things I would like to purchase with American dollars:

1:A noxx or jcs bottomline stock
2: Cheap freak tips
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One of the original Tippmann 98 Built for Tippinators.
Rear sight and front grip milled off
Rufus dog vert feedneck
Chrome CP Gasthrough directly under the valve
Chrome CP ASA
Chrome CP 16"
Custom Tippinators Grips
*insert company name* Fang double trigger

Sold it to the man who built it.....

And my ICP B5 .... with EVEYTHING!
-all Quephed up
Big Whoop, I'm spooning a Barrett .50 cal, I could kill... a building!!! - Sterling Archer
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I traded away a Purple/Green sponge ICD Puma at Splat 1 in Knoxville TN in '96. I have been searching for a few years now with no luck.
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