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In your own opinion what's the best paint for your money

Haven't played in a while going to say the last time i actually played was 2006, and all the companies i remember i used to use went out of business, I had an Ion and 2 core zx, So just wondering what's good paint for the money, I remember I always used to use 32 degrees paint for some reason... so lmk what you guys like to use... running all tippmann now a5 with response trigger and a tipx more of a woods baller

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Here is recent thread that was just started up on pretty much the same thing:

Paintballs (Paint itself) Best Ball
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Gi 5 star
Evil non-yellow ones(purple)
Gi 4 star
Evil yellow ones

Never used dye cg
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Tippmann for the win
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Valken Redemption... It shoots straight out of all my Tippmann guns, and Its bright fill makes good hits on the target.
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Premium gold

Have had bad luck with all gi paint and valken

At Uwl Utah I tried graffiti. Redemption pro fate and frye
All had random lopsided balls. And the bags such they come In

Gi paint is either super hard or super brittle that I've had
Always round.

Premium gold breaks really well. Kinda large bore. Bright yellow. Super round

Marbs. Always awesome

V1. Small bore. Super round. Better suited for any marker I.e. blowbacks, electro. Good fill

Batch of evil I shot in psp Chicago was some of the best paint I've shot in years
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Valken Graffiti. Stuff keeps great in my caddy in between field outings, is consistently sized around .682 or so and reliably breaks on target and not in gun. Even with the field making a profit down here it's $80 a case and if you head up to some of the larger fields in the GTA it can get stupid cheap like $55/case.

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I like the Nelson anarchy. Round and shoots amazing. Boring 682. Next choice would be GI sportz 5 star
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Valken Redemption I like, Graffiti too!
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Limited paint FTW
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I love Evil, but I was also very impressed by a local field's Valken paint. It was actually their low end paint, but it broke very well, might have been Graffiti.
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i loved the valken stuff, it shot great, then we got a bad batch and it couldnt make it out of a barrel for a million bucks

i shot GI 5star at nppl/psp and it was amazing

im am hooked on the GI/Dxs paint..... we shot DXS 2 weeks ago at our tourny, not a single broken ball in the 8 guns we had, ball on ball accurate and consistent
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