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Last time I played I ran far to far forward, stopped not quite behind a tree, took one to the leg, one to the belly and one to the shoulder, shouted "out" stuck my hand round the tree open palm, got shot in the palm, started walking to the side line, got three in the back. Found out at the end of the game it as the second day the kid had played and I was the first person she'd ever hit and "couldn't stop shooting", I didn't mind, we did show her how to switch ramping off until shes got a little more trigger control.
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The tips and tricks video I put up recently has me getting just plain ripped on, at the very beginning of the video. His first shot hit me and I raised my hand, then he proceeds to put another 20+ into me... I cut the clip before he was done, as it was pretty ridiculous. There was absolutely NOTHING between us, and I put my hand up facing him, and yet, he just kept firing and firing... And there was no one behind me... Some guys just get so excited to finally get someone they go crazy.

No worries, I went out and hunted him and shot him out as the first kill in that video. lol.

It is part of the game, people get excited and just keep firing...

So if it happens, I usually just get out of the way of their paint. I used to yell "out" which I still do at times, but when guys have their adrenalin rushing, they are likely to not hear it, so I try to wave my hand or just put my hand up where they can see it.

Bonus balling is pretty common in public games. I rarely see it at my private outlaw games, as you are typically playing with your buddies, and depending on your relationship, you may run into other stuff that is done just for laughs...
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its paintball it happens, very rarely it is intentional. Shooting back only opens you up to get shot more because then the opposing team will think your live.
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I used to work for Chaos back in the day as a ref. Sometimes you cant see everything. Normally i would get shot more then the players. But if the teams were really unfair or there was a prick on the field. I would have one of the players talk to the owner and it would end up being more or one of the d-3 guys even the game up. as for shooting when out. dont do it. **** happens but dont do it get them back next game.
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