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commandoman 07-01-2013 02:17 AM

Getting shot, when your gun is in the air and your hand is up?
Alright so, today I went to PB Explosion, to try the new field, and like any game, got tagged out. So I'm walking back to the staging area, and I get lit up. Now, normally, I do expect to get hit by a few stray paintballs, but with concentrated ropes of paint on me, I was not happy, and I did fire back (hitting nothing but thin air with my A5). Anyhow, I got called over by a ref, for shooting people, even though I was, out. I explained what happened, and he did not really care, so I was like, ok, whatever, I'm wrong and I'll just bite my tongue. I left worn out, and disappointed. Shooting someone with their gun in the air, with their hands up, during a paintball team is just as bad as shooting a wounded guy (obviously apples and oranges, but still, if someone is going to shoot at paint me, I'm gonna shoot at them too). Anyhow, I'm leery about going back, this whole 'you determine' the point of surrender is asinine. I've been playing paintball for seven years, so I don't know if this is just a new thing to just not give a damn about your fellow man making it back to the staging area in pain.

TrueTexan 07-01-2013 02:42 AM

It could have been an accident. I know I was at a scenario a few months ago and I was behind a bunker and could feel the paintball just hammering the bunker. I popped up and shot at whatever looked like a player and unfortunately for one of the refs I thought he was a player and I put about 10 shots (edit: actually probably closer to 5, 10 seems like alot now that i actually think about it..)into him before I realized my mistake. Maybe the guy who lit you up was like me and did it by accident or maybe he was just an jerk.

Point is people make mistakes on purpose or accident and it just isn't safe for you to return fire randomly without really having any idea who or what your shooting. So I can understand the point the ref was making. Regardless, it sounds like he should have handled it better and maybe not given you the impression that he didn't care. The players and paintball as a sport aren't perfect so when crap happens just shake it off and try to enjoy the good aspects of the sport/hobby.

Deathwish_DW 07-01-2013 03:20 AM

Did you leave early? I was over with shadowops (profits/mech + closed bolt ion/blue empire jersey) and overheard what happened.

The first time I went to PBX was the first "world at war".
I left pissed off to to iffy reffing.

This time the refs were better, but I still managed to see 6 refs sitting a ways off from the red filed entrance.. doing nothing. No radios, etc.

Surprisingly, while I walked off during the final battle on the open grass between the blue "shed" and the house, I was not bonus balled once...

PBRevolution 07-01-2013 03:54 AM


Originally Posted by TrueTexan (Post 2746985)
and I put about 10 shots into him


K_Obeastly 07-01-2013 03:57 AM

sad to say I've been on both sides. I've accidently shot leaving players and even a ref once but upon realizing my mistake I have always shouted "sorry." Durring a game there have been many instances of me no longer trying to focus my eyes and just leaning out at shooting at the dark colored blob only to realize I hit them on my previous snap shot. It happens. I just try to verbally let them know I didn't mean to do it.

There have been a few exceptions. I shot one player as he was being led off the field by a ref for cheating (tried to start the game in the middle of the field) and we used to one ball the ref (depending on who it was) just to be awnry, sometimes with just one ball of non field paint to send them on a witch hunt in the staging area.

GoatBoy 07-01-2013 04:49 AM

The way I see it, if my opponents are shooting at me when I’m eliminated, they’re not shooting at my teammates. So even in my exit, I’m helping my team. If you think about it, the guy’s wasting money to shoot an already eliminated player. I find I don’t get shot at enough after I’m eliminated.

Shooting back when you’re eliminated is a no-no. That is completely unacceptable for an adult. Usually it's people who aren't quite right in the head that do stuff like that.

commandoman 07-01-2013 09:39 AM

I did not leave until like after they gave all the stuff out. I must say, this was like the only time I have shot back, the seven years of playing the game. I would have fallen down, with another rope of paint, it was that bad. We had people cranking the velocity up on there guns so high, I got hit in the arm, and had some blood. I hate having to shoot back, but if that's the only way to get a ref over to stop the paint, something needs to be done. Anyhow, I guess next time I'm just gonna wear a thicker vest. I just gave up at the end and just sat down. I understand what your saying about people not knowing and what not. I found myself doing that to a ref myself too, and a couple of my guys shot me too, at least in those instances those guys stop when you yell out and raise your hand. I'm not gonna hate on people, I don't hold any ill-will, I will probably come back and play again (full-auto field!) but yeah, a little reffing goes a long way keeping both guys safe.

martix_agent 07-01-2013 09:45 AM

under no circumstances should you EVER shoot somebody once your'e out. it is completely unacceptable and will only escalate the situation.

I've found that when i'm shot out, a speedy exit solves any problem of being overshot afterwards.

Nobody 07-01-2013 09:46 AM

you did nothing to help by shooting at whoever while you were out. should have yelled at the player, and the ref that you were out and players are either giving you bonus balls or blindfiring. you exacerbated the problem by "getting even". take your lumps and walk off the field.

if you don't like the way the field is run, don't go there. if the refs aren't any good, then find a new place to go. you play into the bad play by playing badly yourself.

maggot 07-01-2013 09:50 AM


Originally Posted by commandoman (Post 2747077)
I will probably come back and play again (full-auto field!)

If you want to play a full auto game, be prepared to get overshot.

Losing your temper and shooting back once eliminated will get you kicked out at most fields, as it should. It creates a dangerous situation.

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