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I've used mine quite a bit and I'm going to go with one of windwalker's holsters, it's lightweight and secure and has general hotness. I've dropped my TAG8 to the ground out of a nylon holster 'designed' for it, I though it was broken for good!
One thing I've found is that seperate 1 mag holders spaced around your belt are more comfortable than a 2 or 3 mag holder in one spot on your belt, I recommend the 1 mag holders. Another thing is ejecting the mags is a risky moment, I eject mine into my shirt pocket but a dump pouch would be excellent, then you could take them out of the dump pouch reload them with paint and put them back in the holders so you never load an empty mag under fire. Most breaks I've seen(I haven't done this, YET!) is people accidentally ejecting mags and by reaction snapping them back in, instead of removing the magazine and clearing the balls out of the bore and mag well. Once a person hits the eject button it's important to take that mag all the way out. If you get a break the best advice I can give is to stop right there and clean that gun before you continue to shoot it, because alot of the mag problems I've seen at the field were IMO, from people loading magazines into guns with bits of paint and shell in them.

I have a mod that can let you change co2's without the allen wrench, a longer bolt with a hole in it that takes the 'wrench' from the co2 plug on my zeus. It works well, I'll try and get pics up by monday.

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Also remeber if you have a barrel breakand need to clean it, that you swap it from back to front. If you go front to back YOU WILL LOSE THE DETENTS! The small metal detents in the barrel slide in from the back and the swab coming thru will hang up on them if you swab from front to back, next thing you know your on all fours looking for 2 tiny meatal clips. If you aren't interested in going for one of windwalkers beautiful leather holsters, they will fit in a large frame holster that will hold Desert Eagles. I had an ambidextourous thumbbreak from AMS that worked awsome. I also saw an incredible accessory for the Tib, that will hopefully be coming to market soon. Can't say much, very hush hush at the moment, but it is going to be freakin awsome.
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A random thought...

If ever anyone is to need it... I'm not a Tiberius Arms tech, but I know these guns very well. If any of you have problems in the field and Team Nightshade is playing the game you're at, come by the camp and ask for me and I'll see if I can help you fix it. Most of the little things that go wrong can be fixed in seconds, it's just hard to get to them.
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I simply turn the gun a little within my hand to get to it. After that swivel my thumb can reach, noramlly not able to though.

And Drum, as I said I just now got this holster

In the Product section you'll see a holster that holds 3 mags. The mag goes in ball-opening down so you don't lose any. They hold snug. And once you swap you dump the empty one in there. I just have it open-side up. I got mine through Engler for $35 instead though, much cheaper. Great accessory, honestly almost necessary.

Then when I have time I can reload the mag. I wear a 10rnd tube pack so I can reload on field. They'll last 40 damn shots, it's amazing.
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