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Originally Posted by Venarius View Post
Nice! I run quite a few lpcs as well, and that is a labor of love.
Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
Someone finally realized that I unbanned cockerpunk many many moons ago.
Originally Posted by Mar View Post
YOU MOTHER****ER!!!!! That was one of my best bans ever!!!!
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I used to be a cocker guy back in the 90s. Now I would say I'm a mag guy. Personally I just want to put on a tank and hopper and play, and my mag lets me do that.

Although I definitely prefer the sniper platform for my pumps. To me that is the best pump platform and CCM makes the best markers in the platform. I'm building a pump mag but that is more for fun than anything else.

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ALL of my markers are mechs or pumps. And if I ever get a electro it be a emag or something linux powered. ;p
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I love the feel of a mech Cocker. There is just nothing like it. Despite the fact that I am going to perform a front-block-ectomy on a Kapp that is due to arrive next week.

Mech guns, they just have a certain character and feel to them that many electros just lack. And, especially with Cockers, there are so many parts out there that you can really dial that puppy in just the way that you want it. Also, some people take it as a point of pride that they are able to use a gun that requires a bit more technical knowledge than "add air and paint, point and shoot."
Originally Posted by lancecst View Post
So I did the best thing I could think of. Took a picture of the inside of my trunk and texted it to her with the word "HELP" and didn't respond to her many texts.
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I just teched 5 guns today 2 mech cockers 1 pneu assist 2 sniper and I call it a vacation day.

I still think that electros have a soul its just harder to see sometimes. They can have moods though and you need a different set of tools to see them they are there though.
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I hate working on my stuff. That's why I own ccm.

I don't even like to clean it
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Slowly making progress
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I don't need to shoot fast, and I don't like dealing with batteries. I haven't needed batteries at all for the last year and a half+.

My mech Cocker and now my eNMEy give me a whole lot of fun and they are pretty simple for the job they do. I don't know that I've timed my mech in a few years.
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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.
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I play with my Phantom or Splatties pretty much all the time now, but when I get the urge for semi, I bust out the old '99 Cocker. There's some serious pride in knowing exactly how your marker works, being able to fix anything but a major structural failure with what you have on hand, and knowing that most of the agglets on the field couldn't even shoot your marker.
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I loved electros. The look and all. But I flat out SUCKED whenever I played with my Marq or Vice. I used to be able to get people out with my ND Timmy, but every time I stepped up to a more expensive marker, I got worse and worse lol.

Then I got a cheap Psychoballistics Pump with an awful pump kit and was getting people out left and right. Upgraded to an S6 and was in LOVE.

Sadly I had to sell it to buy a motorcycle, but I'm finally getting back into it. Can't wait to get my sniper
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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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Originally Posted by Venarius View Post
What LP reg is that?
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