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According to that site, JT will also be releasing a black/tan version of their "JT Tactical" BT-4 M4 looking marker.
Should be popular.

JT Tactical Paintbll gun Ready To Play (RTP) Package

screenshot app
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I want to point out that this gun was designed specifically AFTER I came on this forum and asked what people would want to see improved over the ER2.

Hence why this gun is black, has a horizontal feed and can be holstered while loaded easily. Those were the points that kept coming up in discussions we had here on the ER2.

You should be able to get full velocity from this gun. It uses the same exact internals as the ER2 other than a slight mod to the barrel ridges that hold the barrel in the shells.
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Don't worry, Simon; I distinctly remembered that when I saw it. My first thought was "Wait...that's exactly what we were all askinig for!"
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So does the feedtube ride directly on top of the marker or is it offset?
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I ordered one from an online vendor on 6/24 and it is now basically lost they assured me they will send a new one tomorrow. I am pretty bummed I wanted one to use the other weekend.. but oh well I should have one soon enough.

I know they are entry level but I cant wait to get one to play with. Seems like a very affordable way for people to experiance true stock class play.

I think next game I will just head out with a DSDS 494 and the ER2-S...should be interesting.
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This is why Simon is THE MAN. He's always been great at listening to the players and making products for players.

My 2 complaints with the ER2 -

offset feed
clear plastic(I painted mine)

The er2 is actually a really usable marker. Most people write off the plastic pumps as crappy. The ER2, while it's no CCM, is still very usable. I use mine at least once when I play.
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When did they come out with these? This is the first I've heard of a new ER2...
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Anybody got their mitts on one of these things yet?
I'm really interested to see what the retail packing looks like.
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The ER-2 is a fun little gun. I have a couple of them just for fun plinking around type of guns. I did test efficiency in mine, just for kicks. With no chrono, I was getting 14-16 before drop off with horrible un-matched paint, and about 20-22 shots with decent matched paint. It's just a fun little gun to dink around with for my group.

The guns we were using are the black-barreled ones with the side-ways vertical feed. Never even heard of a stock class type. Looks like I might be getting a couple extra plinking guns.
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