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Test your loader IQ !!!

step right up and test your loader IQ then post your score :P
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I lika doa the cha cha
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16 I think
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The zap 404 isn't on there.....Yea I think i got em all
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Doesn't care (/◕ヮ◕)/
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17 out of 20, woo I'm pro.

I don't always play pump, but when I do, I prefer a rotor.....stay agg my friends.
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It bugs me there's no answer sheet haha so:

From L-R

1st Row:
Halo B/Scion Too/etc
DXS Pulse
BE/GXG 50 round

2nd Row:
Proto Primo
1st Gen Revvy I think?
Indian Springs Maxi-Loader

3rd Row:
Dye Rotor
Kingman Fasta

4th Row:
Shake n Bake (VL200 technically)
Virtue Spire

5th Row:
New Style Cyclone

6th Row:
Ammo Box
Valken V-Max
JT Vlocity
Z2 Prophecy

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no, I'M sorry
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what? no qloader and strike loader? what is this? a game for agglets?

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Before the first day Velcor said let there be Heinous and it was true. And then Heinous said "Let there be God" and it was true. And it was good
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Originally Posted by fullofpaint View Post
4th Row:
Shake n Bake
6th Row:
(Top)? IT's not a one-armed bandit, idk the name
-The "shake and bake" is more properly known as a VL200, though JT and about half a dozen others now make virtually identical clones.

The wide-Vee shaped one is, if I recall correctly, a Whaler.

And that, a Rotor and a Valken are the only ones I don't actually personally own.

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Also the third row number 2 could also be called a triumph, or a tippmann ssl 200.

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20 basically. Few have multiple names
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It would help is the silhouettes were 1:1 scale. Ha ha, I see a lot I recognize, but forgot the names of, as well as quite a few I don't care to know the names of and I think Doc is right, I remember there being a huge non agitated loader shaped like that called The Whaler.
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Because brass.
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I'm like a paintball sex tourist. Top dollar for a good time.
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