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DYE I4 owners. I need lens help

I got a DYE I4 Thermal Black/Gold edition for my birthday and I absolutely love it but find the lens very dark for my style play. (More hiding in dark areas and staying in darker woods parts.) I had used a yellow lens for my last mask and was about to follow that same route until I went on line and looking for lens was like shopping for Ben&Jerrys ice cream, there is just a lot of colors. There is Blue Ice, Bronze Fire, Clear Sunrise, Northern Lights, Yellow and so forth and so on...........
I was wondering if any of you DYE I4 users have tried any of these lens and which is better for a shadier type of play? Or do I just go back to Yellow?
Thanks a lot.
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Well, all the ditanium lenses are going to be darker, they are mainly for looking agg although they do get light in some instances (blue ice), it is still a darker lens. I'd go for the HD lens for woodsball, it brings out the greens and whites and makes everything... Well... HD plus you can literally matrix paintballs because you can see them coming very easily.

Hope this helps a little
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This is the lense I used with my I4s and loved it

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I've always used the smoked lens without any difficulty. It can get pretty dark though in really shady areas. Never too dark that I couldn't play with them though.
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Take those lenses out and trade them to someone who has the stock HD lenses that wants tinted lenses? The regular colored i4's come with HD lenses which pretty much work the same way yellow lenses do, they brighten everything up.

I've tried mirror silver, red and blue. The only thing I could remember about the rose colored one was when it started to get dark, I could hardly see out of them. I don't remember what it was like to have the blue but I know I switched back to HD lenses.
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Thanks guys HD it is.

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