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All these threads about masks and glasses...

I cant find one thread where anyone says "I wear this mask and wear these glasses (image)"

Maybe my search is weak, maybe it just doesn't happen. Input/links in the right direction are appreciated.

I recently got new glasses myself, much larger frames than anything I normally wore. This style:

When I'm doing overhead welding they prevent me from looking over my frames and doing a job half blind. On the downside, too big to be comfortable in my whippersnappers.

1:contacts are NOT an option. I can't touch my eyeball. My brain won't let me.

2: designated paintball glasses are not an option for a while until my insurance kicks in, and it never hurts to own a couple masks anyway

Thanks in advance.

Things I would like to purchase with American dollars:
1: Scorpion marker (the old spyder clone)
2: A nice unmolested Nelspot 007 pump handle
3: A noxx or jcs bottomline stock
4: Hammer 7 thumbwheels
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I don't know that I can find any pictures of my 15 year old Converse framed glasses, but they are smaller than the ones that you have pictured, and I wear either DYE I4's or Sly Profit's. For whatever that is worth.
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I wear glasses that are real wide, but not very tall. However, I keep contacts on hand purely for paintball and SCUBA.

I haven't played in glasses since college. But I used a V-Force Morph, and there was room to smuggle people across the border under that thing. The room between my face and the inside of the lens was HUGE. Most comfortable mask I've ever owned. Good luck finding one, though. They haven't been made in years.
I also used a plain Jane ole Spectra for a while before that. Not quite as comfortable, but still plenty of room.

(Your glasses look about the same size as what I wore, if a bit more squared off.)

Speaking of insurance...would it cover a significant portion of eye surgery to avoid needing glasses altogether?
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Mine are of a similar size, but a different frame style. I've never played with them on, but they fit under my Proflex fairly well.
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I've heard good this about the I3s and the proto pro axis from guys with glasses. I would suggest hitting up your local proshop. They most likely will let you try on everything you could possibly want. I'm getting glasses tomorrow, I hope they fit in the profilers.
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I tried wearing glasses under my mask this year, and bent the frames. They are now my paintball glasses.
I would suggest in getting some cheap pairs of glasses( and and just keeping a pair or two in the pb bag. Those two places normally run sales where you can pick up a pair for like $10 shipped. Given it is coming from china and takes some time to get here, but they arent that bad.

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If you do that (^^) see how cheap their rec-spec style sports glasses are. They're MUCH lower profile than any normal glasses.
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I have always run the bottom-line V-Force goggles (which is Armor, now, I think?) with whatever glasses I've had at the time. I intended to get a "good" (expensive) mask last year when I started playing again but grabbed the Armor because it was there and it was cheap. Fog can be an issue, but the fit is just fine. I now wear contacts for paintball and use a thermal lens.
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Clearly, Axel doesn't know what he's talking about.
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I have fairly wide frame glasses and use the Flex 8 with the Fan and works pretty well. Your glasses might be a bit too tall though for em.
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Before I got LASIK I had a pair of glasses I only used for paintball. They had small lenses and fit inside of a Spectra or Flex perfectly.

Try looking at some of the online glasses retailers. You can get some glasses for less than $30.
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