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I played a game with my PMI III in June. I had a 12 and a 9 oz tank on it. It was dry after about 400 rounds. The people who had never seen it before were scared of it because of how it sounded.
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picture added because most of you have never had the pleasure.
link since picture won't work.

I would get 10 shots per 12 gram and scare most of the other team from the sound.

Carter, did you sell your wildcat yet or you holding on to it? I shouldn't ask as I am looking at a shoebox compressor.
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You'll have a tough time finding a nicer group of people on the internet(even if our opinions all suck).

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I've dealt with canadians several times and I usually undercharge by 2-5 dollars cause I feel bad for them sometimes. Just my 2cents.

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Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft View Post
Funny that nobody gives any actual numbers to go by.

I remember that the early PMI3, Golden Eagle and 68-SPecial would get around 400-450 shots per 20oz. The PMI3 could double that with a good expansion system, but the 68-special ran a siphon, so we would just have lots of ready-to-go 20oz tanks.

Back then 400 shots were not really enough for a game, so 32 and 40oz tanks became very popular, typically run on remote

THe 2nd gen guns like the F1, Z, Proam would typically get 700 or so. By the mid 90s 1000/20oz was the norm.

Does anyone have similar stats on the Vector/Rainmaker/Shocker? It might help get it into perspective.
In the short time (~ 1.5 years) I had a Vector (model C, I think), I never got through more than 500 shots before velocity sank to the point of uselessness (using a standard 20 oz. tank through a female stab). Of course, I kind of knew what to expect.

Back the day, my first Pro-Lite, out of the box, only got a bout 600-ish out of a 20. After some internal polishing and an aftermarket barrel, it was in the 700 range. I'd gotten so used to that that I was literally shocked when my first Blazer (bz590) got through 3/4 of a case on a single 20 oz.
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For being a gas hog, I think the 68 Special beats them all. In small fields the beast is cumbersome weighing in at 6 pounds empty, it's definitely handicapped. But in Miami we played large fields where you could wait 5 to 10 minutes before seeing an enemy. Before HP and backspin barrel attachments, the 68 was The range gun. Paint was not round and all markers fired the first shot the same distance. Follow ups by the other markers would rapidly fall short on volleys, with only the first shot in range. The siphon fed 68 Special maintained its maximum range throughout the volley and could be zeroed on target. We had two 68 Specials with sniper barrels on our team and we always played right and left rear guard. In rapid shot firefights we could even fire over our front line and engage the enemy while staying out of range and not dropping on our own players. With the clank and dry ice, it's still my favorite despite the lack of big playing fields now.
The Tippmann 68 Special likes to announce it's presence prior to a kill, but with the ICD Puma, you feel it's teeth before you ever know it's there.

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